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Moving Around India

Time for a fresh start in a new city? You’re not alone. Every year, thousands of Indians,  expats and residents across the country decide to move to another city for new career opportunities, to be closer to family or loved ones, or simply for a lifestyle change. But deciding on your next destination can be both exciting and a challenge.

From the economic hub of Mumbai to the gardens and parks of Bengaluru, it can be easy to get swept away daydreaming about your new life in an exciting city. Once the reality of your move begins to set in, you'll have a number of questions - how do I get all my personal belongings and furniture to a city miles away? Will I be able to move all my belongings by myself? Do I want to brave the Indian traffic? That’s where Allied India comes in.

With 10 years of experience moving and packing in India, Allied has become synonymous with quality home moving. Allied and its 70 employees understand better than anyone the challenges and important decisions you need to consider in order to make your move as stress free as possible. Give our team a call today to book your move on  (1800) 102-5922 and we’ll take care of the rest for you.



New Delhi is a diverse cosmopolitan center, home to Indians of all cultures and languages. Full of rich heritage and culture, it's no wonder why New Delhi is the fastest growing city in India. It is rich with employment opportunities, making it an ideal new home for those looking to advance their career.

A blend of old and new, you’ll find Old Dlehi alive with Mughals influence; monuments, mosques and forts scattered throughout the winding streets. New Delhi however displays a strong British influence, appealing to expats.

Worth noting is that purchasing a house is no easy feat in Delhi. Time consuming and frustrating, the booming property market sits in favour of landlords who are well aware of the value of their properties, driving fierce negotiations, particularly in popular expat areas. You’ll find some larger houses and mansion-like farmhouses with some lavish facilities in areas like Pushpanjali, Chattarpur and Mehrauli. Most homeowners utilise domestic help for cleaning and maintenance of these properties. Good staff can help your New Delhi experience exponentially, so sourcing a good cleaner, driver, nanny or cook (beware of Delhi belly!) can be a life-saver.  Most available properties will however be apartments as Delhi continues to transition to this form of living. 

When it comes to planning out your move, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, Farmhouses and apartments vary significantly in size and we would advise you to review your home's floor plan prior to moving. This will help you decide how much of your current home you can or will move with and what you may prefer to leave in storage. Once you have your moving date set, it’s then time to get in touch with a removalist. Our expert team will discuss the moving process with you, from what to do on the day, to how to accept your items at your final destination.  

New Delhi Moving Services



If you’re looking to live in luxury, look no further than Mumbai. Not only the largest and most densely populated city, Mumbai is the financial and commercial heart of India. This affluence and opulence does however come at cost, property prices in Mumbai are some of the most expensive in the world, rivalling Tokyo and New York.

It can be difficult to settle into Mumbai, a lot of top bars and restaurants are hidden away and frustratingly hard to find. It’s important to invest some time establishing a network before and after you arrive in Mumbai. Having guides in this new location will help you discover all that Mumbai has to offer and set you up with some incredibly useful services. In Mumbai you can pay someone to do almost anything. Convenience is a lifestyle here and can make your new move worlds easier, however every convenience comes at a cost, which can very quickly snowball.

Space is notoriously in short supply in Mumbai, so expect to be living in a unit or studio apartment and that you’ll need to leave some of your belongings in storage.  Popular with young single expats and those on shorter stays are the serviced apartments. When looking for accommodation utilising the services of a local real estate agent can be invaluable, helping to get you the property you desire. They can also be great for helping newcomers navigate high deposits on properties and aiding in developing the rental agreement, as some landlords will try to pressure tenants into informal rental contracts to avoid paying tax.

Commuting to and from home is relatively easy in Mumbai with the largest organised bus network in India and an efficient rail network. Even if you plan on renting or purchasing a vehicle most of the locals opt to dodge the horrendous Mumbai traffic and take advantage of the dependable transportation. The rail network in particular is a fast and cheap way to connect you from the suburbs to the city. Keep in mind it can and will get crowded in peak times but equally, you will be stuck for hours in traffic if you drive.

Mumbai Moving Services



Whether called India’s Silicon Valley, the Garden city of India or India’s knowledge hub, Bengaluru is a city of many names. With very low crime rates and a well represented young adult demographic, Bangalore is a great location, especially for young professionals.

A centre for numerous industries, it is home to premier scientific research establishments and is a melting pot of IT, biotech, aerospace, defence and electronics-related industries. This gives the city a strong cosmopolitan character. More than an industrial hub Bangalore has a thriving food and pub scene and a rich culture of art and entertainment.  With several famous theatres, art galleries and museums that very popular with locals and tourists alike. 

When it comes to living in Bengaluru there’s a few important things to note. With a range of international business making Bengaluru their base of operations, both commercial and residential property is massively in demand. However, with a bit of luck and being prepared to live a little bit outside of the city, you’ll surely find a place just right for you.

Accommodation in Bengaluru typically consists of apartments, townhouses, bungalows and villas, with most expats giving preference to having their own home. Villas and bungalows are also popular with extra amenities and benefits. The prices for accommodation can often vary depending on the location and facilities; tennis courts, swimming pools and clubhouses often attached or associated with higher end apartments. 

For those moving with or starting a family, Bengaluru has an excellent selection of nurseries as well as public, private and international schools. Most expats will enroll their children in private or international schooling, trading increased school fees for a higher quality education.

Bengaluru Moving Services



Chennai is home to more than twenty Indian companies with a net worth of over $1 billion. Grounded primarily in automotive, software, manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services industries, Chennai provides plenty of opportunity for employment. Apart from the physical wealth Chennai is rich in culture and traditions. 

Chennai’s love of their traditional culture is permeated in their use of Tamil, amore than 2,00 year old language. This has resulted in smaller levels of english speaking than other cities, estimated to be around 20 to 30%. As a tip to all moving here, a little effort to learn the language can go a long way, picking up just a few phrases is the best way to get on the good side of the locals in your new home.

If you’re considering a move to Chennai you’ll also want to be aware of the climate. Hot all year round, Chennai can reach temperatures in excess of 40 degrees in the peak of summer, regularly surpassing 90% humidity. This certainly isn’t a bad thing as Chennai is home to some beautiful coastline and beaches, most famously Marina beach.

Citizens of Chennai are known to be quite conservative which can at times make it difficult to rent or purchase a property. Home-owners are often reluctant to sell or rent their property to bachelors, single women and unmarried couples, sometimes even having rules for vegetarian vs non-vegetarian tenants. Because of this, it is important you have an open conversation with the home-owner or landlord prior to moving in.

Young adults and those looking for a thriving nightlife should note that most of the city shuts down early, with curfews imposed on clubs and other late night locations. As a result of this the city is often early to rise, being busy and lively as early as 6am.

While Chennai is known as the city of long distances, commuting within and from Chennai is fairly straightforward. An efficient railway system with three separate local lines, makes travelling long distances simple.

Chennai Moving Services

Allied Local Moving Services

If you’re looking to take the stress out of your local move why not contact us today? With experienced packers and movers available just one call away, we can help you every step of the way and ensure that your domestic move goes smoothly! Our services include:

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Storage Services

Affordable short and long term storage is available at our secure warehouse facilities throughout India.


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Pet Relocation

A safe and comfortable pet relocation service so that your pet can join you at your new destination.


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Comprehensive moving insurance to ensure your household goods or company assets are fully protected.


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Vehicle Relocation

Our vehicle relocation service saves you the hassle of having to sell your vehicle before you leave India.


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Excess Baggage

Do you have excess baggage or belongings to move domestically or overseas? Let Allied take care of it.


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