Why You Need a Professional Mover For Your Move

There are a lot of reasons why individuals, families, and organisations decide to move. It could be due to downsizing, change of scenery, or simply to move closer to workplaces that people are looking at moving companies. India, like many countries around the world, is in constant flux, with cities expanding by the day, international investment creating more work opportunities, a growing infrastructure and a thriving, colourful population, causing many people to be on the move more so than ever. 

Whether you are a local or an expat, you are most likely to move twice (or more) during your lifetime. To save yourself the headache of having to pack up your entire household, you can get a little or a lot of help by hiring the services of a moving company. Even so, some people may think they can save money by doing it themselves – however what they don’t realise is that saving money may cost them more in other areas, such as time, stress and comfort.

Due to the rise of technology and productivity, consumer demand for more and deadlines overflowing after work hours, many people are busier than usual. This lack of time makes it harder for families and individuals to focus on the tiresome process of moving. There are plenty of moving companies in India, yet to maximise your investment you need to find the right one for your needs.

Here are some of the reasons we need the services of professional moving companies.

1. You have your own moving consultant.

Professional moving companies in India like Allied provide a personal moving consultant, who will help you during the process. If you don’t know how to start, create a timeline, or simply don’t have the time to plan, your moving consultant can do it for you.

2. Indian movers do all the work

Expert moving companies have a lot to offer. Aside from transporting your furniture from one place to another, they can also pack and unpack your belongings. If you own hard-to-move items like antiques, grandfather clocks, grand pianos, or large artwork, professional moving companies can provide special moving equipment to make sure these valuables don’t get damaged during transport.

If you are moving overseas, specialist moving companies can guide you on how to acquire a visa, relocate your pet or vehicle, or help you find a suitable home. They will also take care of the customs clearances and provide storage facilities in case there are any delays or should you require the space.

3. An expert mover can finish the job more quickly.

Professional moving companies hire people with ample moving experience, so you’re sure they’ve packed many a truck during their careers. An expert mover knows what items to pack first, how to load the truck so boxes don’t move, become squashed or tip over. Do you know where to place your clothes so they don’t get crumpled? Hire a professional mover to gain access to porta-robes for your clothing.

4. Experts will help arrange your furniture.

Once you’re all moved in to your new abode, moving companies such as Allied will help rearrange your belongongs in your new home. They don’t just dump and leave, you can ask for reassembly of beds and shelving or installing TV brackets on walls. 

While they’re delivering your possessions, ask them to move items into the places you like while they have the equipment to do so, such as trolleys and rollers. Make sure you request this service at the beginning of your move so it’s included in the quotation. Just think how much simpler moving day will be if you don’t have to manoeuvre around tables and cupboards that are against walls and doorways.

You don’t need to shoulder the burden of moving when moving companies in India are now just a click away online. Allied will ensure a hassle-free move when you contact us to itemise your belongings and get you on your way.