Corporate Global Relocation Services 

As a member of the worldwide SIRVA Group, Allied India is able to provide corporate relocations in more than 160 countries around the globe. 

SIRVA‘s extensive network of agents and service providers combine a global reach with localised expertise to conduct more than 300,000 moves per year in India and beyond. 

Backed by decades of smooth corporate transitions for expats across the country, SIRVA has become India’s most reliable moving service provider

India Employee Relocation Services 

Thanks to the reach of our parent company SIRVA, Allied can ensure the needs of expats are meticulously met, while allowing them to settle into their chosen city or country as quickly as possible. 

Each employee receives an individually constructed relocation program to ensure they are set up for success upon arrival in their new location.

Allied India caters for everything from basic essential service requirements to VIP packages. Ask our move coordinators about the package most suitable for your needs.

SIRVA’s vast array of services can be accessed through each expat’s personal relocation consultant, individually assigned to their move to provide one-on-one assistance throughout the move process. 

This one-call solution can help orchestrate services including but not limited to:
• Housing 
• Temporary accommodation
• Removals services 
• Utilities and telecoms set-up
• Workplace introductions
• Language and cultural familiarisation
• And more.

Individual & Family Relocation 

The extensive relocation services offered by SIRVA go a long way to helping ensure relocations remain seamless for expats and their relocating families. 

Individuals and families will be able to settle into their new homes more swiftly, while Allied local support team assists them with appropriate schooling, spousal job opportunities, and language education.

Vehicle Relocation 

If the thought of selling your car then buying another vehicle in your new location due to your relocation is just another stress to add to your ever-growing moving schedule, Allied India can help you ship your vehicle with the help of our parent company SIRVA.

Arrive at your new home ready to drive, with your vehicle already in your driveway.

Pet Relocation 

If you can’t bear the thought of moving without your furry or feathered friends, let us help you avoid the heartbreak by offering our professional pet relocation service. We can help organise immunisation requirements, the safe transportation of your pet and any necessary quarantine restrictions at the other end of your journey, without any unnecessary stress for the animal/s. 

Having your pet with you will help your family settle in more easily, without mourning the loss of a treasured family member.

Find Out More 

Make your relocation in India easy by learning about SIRVA’s global corporate relocation services, visit today to ensure a smoother move of your business operations and staff.