Reputable and Cost-Effective International Movers and Packers in Mumbai

Moving in Mumbai is just as hectic as moving from any other cities in India. You have to get all your ducks in a row before moving day to enjoy a successful relocation and you most certainly cannot do this effectively last-minute. Make sure you hire a reputable international mover and packer well within time – preferably 6 months out from your moving date to ensure you don’t miss out on your top choice. 

Allied has a global reach of more than 150 countries and many years of moving experience, so being the best in the business can often mean we’re booked out weeks in advance. If you want your valuable possessions to reach your new home safely, it pays to know our team is onboard. 

An international home relocation requires time and effort. It’s likely in your busy schedule you might miss something and that something could be vital to a seamless relocation. While a DIY move is achievable, have you considered how much valuable time you’ll spend organising every finer detail yourself? 

By contracting the services of professional international movers and packers in Mumbai you’re not only freed up to focus on important elements, such as helping your family adjust to the idea, you are less likely to miss anything off your ‘to do’ list. 

What Makes International Movers and Packers Cost-Effective?

One scenario is your work contract is coming to a close and you’re about to return to your home country from Mumbai. You’ve established a life as an expat in Mumbai, possibly with children and pets as well as a household to relocate. You’ll need to enroll your kids in a new school, sort out government clearances, organise bank accounts, superannuation payments and medical assistance if you require medication or ongoing therapy, etc; it can make your head spin. 

International Moving Consultant 

Hiring the services of professional international movers and packers like Allied means you get your own personal move coordinator to help you with all the niggling questions you are likely to have about your move overseas from Mumbai. With offices all around the world, your Allied contact can suggest nearby schools in your new country of residence, provide professional advice about customs limitations on what you can and can’t take with you, and help you create an effective moving plan.

Complete Relocation Services

Saving time is saving money. Aside from a moving consultant, expert international moving companies provide a lot of additional services that go beyond loading and unloading your belongings. Allied offers a full-packing service, whereby we will pack and unpack your household for you. We will take care of your kitchenware, white goods, paintings, clothes and home accessories. Additionally, we will take care of the customs clearance from India to your destination country. 

Allied also offers pet relocations, which will save you time trying to contact a separate animal transporter. Do you want to bring your vehicle with you? We can take care of that as well.

During unforeseen circumstances where you need to temporarily store your belongings, Allied has storage facilities in Mumbai and warehouses overseas that are well-ventilated and security-controlled, making sure your valuables are kept in good condition. 

Flexible Insurance

While we’re confident of safeguarding your belongings throughout the entire journey, if you want extra security, you can choose Allied moving insurance for further peace of mind.

Ready to Move?

Choosing the best international movers and packers in Mumbai is critical. To find out more about Allied overseas moving services, contact us to talk about your needs.