Tips and Tricks for Relocating Overseas During The Holidays

Are you moving to Asia during the holiday season? Relocating at the end of the year can be an exciting opportunity and a great time to get ready for the new year. It can also be overly hectic and stressful, with busy schedules, celebrations, and public holidays to factor into the moving process. As professional movers, we have a few tips and tricks to make your relocation during the holiday period easier. 


Do your research 

Did you know that some Asian countries, such as China and Thailand, don’t recognise Christmas Day as a holiday? As Christmas is a Christian holiday, you may find the culture in your new country doesn’t place much importance on the day. However, this can be a positive thing when it comes to relocating. You may find the price of moving around this time to be a similar price as the rest of the year and won’t have to deal with the logistics complications of moving on a public holiday. Make sure to research the holiday season for your new country and plan accordingly. 

Get started on packing early 

The last few months of the year tend to be extremely busy. Many people find their workload increases, so having the additional pressure to pack can be stressful. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, we recommend getting started on packing as early as possible. If moving as a family, get the children excited about the move and involve them in the packing process. Many hands make light work. 

Leave out some decorations 

When packing your belongings and furniture, keep the festive spirit alive by leaving out some simple decorations. Pack these into an accessible box or bag, so you can hang up as soon as you arrive at your new home. Hanging up these decorations will instantly restore the holiday mood and make your new place feel a little more like home. 

Consider the weather

If you’re moving from the Northern Hemisphere then you may usually associate the holiday season with cold weather. But, depending on where you are moving to, you may find that you’ll need to pack for different weather. Southeast Asian countries, like Cambodia and Vietnam, will be warmer during the holiday season, while other countries such as Japan and China will be on the colder side. Make sure you have appropriate clothing accessible so you can easily change during your travels and can adjust to your new climate. 

Go easy on the celebrations before you move

The holiday season is a time for celebration, with many people getting together for dinners and parties. It can be easy to overdo it, especially when saying goodbye to friends and family, so we recommend taking it easy. Moving can be chaotic enough, but there is nothing worse than having to pack your things while tired, sick or hungover. Try to maintain your normal routine before the move, ensure to get plenty of rest and don’t overdo it on the celebratory champagnes. 

Create a realistic budget

The end of the year can be expensive! Gift buying, dinners out and other holiday expenses can be tricky to manage especially when moving. Before you move, take the time to create a budget for all moving expenses. Factor in transportation, packing supplies, removalist costs, and any additional food or accommodation expenses. Give yourself a little wriggle room, you may want to treat yourself to a special holiday dinner. 

Take advantage of the holiday sales 

Need some new furniture or other household items? Many stores run holiday sales such as Black Friday or other promotions to encourage gift buying. These sales offer a great opportunity to purchase any items you may need for your new home. 

Maintain the holiday spirit

When moving in the holiday season, the excitement surrounding Christmas and New Years Eve may fade as the stress takes over. Instead, make time and put in effort to celebrate the year coming to a close. Listening to some holiday music or watching a Christmas special is an easy way to get into the spirit. Christmas is especially magical for young children. Help build the excitement by writing letters to Santa (and listing your new address), visiting holiday displays and indulging in some easy Christmas craft. 

Embrace new traditions

Moving to a new country offers the unique opportunity to learn about new cultures and embrace new holiday traditions. In Japan, the American chicken restaurant chain KFC is synonymous with Christmas. Why not try swapping a turkey dinner for some fried chicken? Or attempt making your own ‘parol’, a star shaped lantern made from bamboo and paper as they do in the Philippines. 

Choose a reliable moving company

Ensure your move goes smoothly by choosing Allied as your moving company. With our expansive global network, we’ll make your move to Asia from anywhere in the world easy and efficient. Our excellent customer service and highly experienced movers means that relocating during the holiday season won’t be overly stressful.

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