Should I Tip Movers in India?

Relocating to India is no easy task! However, choosing reliable and reputable movers will help you manage your move; making it both simpler and smoother. If you’re an Expat moving to or around India, you may be unfamiliar with common customs and social niceties. As local Indian residents ourselves, we’ve broken down the basics when it comes to tipping your moves in India.


Tipping in India

“Baksheesh” is India’s term for gratuities. You may hear baksheesh a lot, especially if you are a foreigner. Although tipping is not a tradition in India, it is likely to be expected, especially in service industries. 

Tipping doesn’t necessarily follow any specific guidelines. After all, this is an act of gratitude for a service that has exceeded your expectations. Giving your mover a baksheesh must be done freely and only if you are happy with their service. It will always be at your discretion.

When Should I Tip?

A good mover should have the following characteristics:

  • Punctual – Movers should follow a specific timeline to ensure they are delivering the best service to customers. They should always communicate with you should there be unnecessary drawbacks regarding deadlines.

  • Respect – Movers should act professionally while at work. They should treat your belongings very well.

  • Open communication – Customers constantly need someone to follow-up with. A good moving company will provide you with updates whenever you need it.

If your mover has all of these characteristics, it is acceptable to reward them for a job well done. It’s common to tip after the job is completed and you are happy with the work, opposed to tipping as an incentive. 

How Much Should I Tip my Movers in India?

Moving your furniture requires physical strength and good stamina. Professional movers in India will exert extra effort to help you with additional moving requirements, such as placing items and boxes in specific rooms or if they choose to reassemble furniture, such as beds. When they do, it is fair to give them compensation for the extra jobs they are willing to do for you.

INR 80-100 per person is the average tip for a mover. You can go higher or lower, depending on how well they handled your valuables. You can tip your movers in half; INR 50 before commencement of the job (for some encouragement) and INR 50 after the move to show your appreciation of their efforts.

Be sure to tip each individual mover one by one. Do not give all the money to a foreman and let them do the division as it’s tough to know if it will be divided fairly. 

Are There any Other Means of Tipping?

Yes, you can offer your movers snacks, cold drinks or chai is another way of tipping. Give them something to munch on while they take a quick break. Did you bring any extra furniture, which you now found you really don’t need? Is the table too awkward to fit in your new home? Offer it to your mover because they may be interested in your hand-me-downs.

In many parts of Asia, people are very happy when they receive gratuities. Extra money means a lot, not only for them but for their families – especially when you compare the exchange rate to certain international currencies. So use discretion when tipping and always smile and thank your movers for their great work.

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