Shifting House on Your Own vs Hiring Movers and Packers in India

Packing boxes

India has so many vibrant cities offering great lifestyles for expats, depending on your interests or professional skills. The cuisines, traditions, cultures and social scenes all differ greatly from one city to another, making your choice of where to live in India that much harder. Once you have decided on your new location, you’ll be wondering whether using movers and packers in India is a better choice than moving on your own. 

Many expats choose to use movers and packers to enjoy a less strenuous moving experience but relocating on your own may be the best option for your budget. 

There are pros and cons no matter which option you choose, so the team at Allied has compared moving on your own to hiring movers and packers in India to help you find the best option.

Shifting on Your Own in India

Most people decide to move on their own for several reasons. Some of these include the number of their belongings, the distance to the new address, the monetary value of relocating and their physical capabilities. 

If the location of your new home is not very far from where you’re already living or if you are moving within your local area, you may choose to move on your own. Small families in India with minimal belongings shouldn’t need to pay for movers if they are moving close-by. If you’re a single expat and you haven’t been living in India for long, you probably haven’t accumulated a lot of furniture yet, so moving on your own shouldn’t be too hard if you hire a moving van. However, you must invest in sturdy boxes, moving van rental and petrol, and you will require an international license to drive the moving van. You will need a trolley or help from a friend for the heavier pieces, such as beds or refrigerators. 

You can pack and organise your belongings on your own, however, if you have large, bulky items that can’t be dissembled, fragile or unusual items, such as expensive lamps or a piano, you may want to consider the expense of professional mover for peace of mind because if they are hired to pack your items they can insure your belongings in transit. 

If you’re moving nearby, you can move in your free time and transport your possessions little by little, perhaps after work before your moving date.


1. You have authority over your belongings so less likely to have items go missing.
2. Cost-friendly option.
3. Move with less time constraints, in your free time.


1. Takes more time to move, overall. 
2. Very physically draining, with lots of heavy lifting.
3. No insurance.

Hiring Movers and Packers in India

If you have a whole household full of furniture and personal belongings to pack up, it is better to hire movers and packers in India. Professional movers like the teams at Allied can take care of everything related to your move. This includes packing and unpacking your boxes and moving bulky furniture from point to point. 

Moving from one city to another? Hiring a truck at your own expense rather than contracting a professional can be risky. You will not be guaranteed the safety of your belongings in the back of the van if you haven’t secured them properly, which a professional mover is more likely to achieve. If you want to have a less stressful and less physically taxing move, hiring professional movers is your best option. 

Allied employs experienced movers, who know how to handle your possessions. They have the proper equipment for transporting whitegoods and difficult items. They can also help you in the process of relocating your motorbike/vehicle if you are moving long distances and are travelling by air yourself. 


1. Less stressful experience overall.
2. More efficient moving, with knowledgeable movers.
3. Saves time moving in one go.
4. Professionally packed items can be insured.
5. Storage facilities available.


1. More expensive than moving on your own.
2. Risk of loss or damage is lower but still possible. 

Moving on your own or hiring movers and packers in India will depend on three elements: the location of your properties, the amount of belongings and the timetable. So whichever option you think is the best way to have your belongings safely transported is up to you.

If you wish to hire professional movers to help you, contact Allied for a free estimate.