Moving with Pets in India


When the time comes for your family to move home in India, you’ll probably start looking around for what you can bring and what you’d like to throw away. One item you’re likely to want to keep is your treasured pet. Many people can’t imagine moving without their pets, so unless you’re downsizing and need to find a decent home for your animal, they’ll be coming with you.

Moving with a pet in India can be easy when done right, however, you have to lay down the right groundwork to make it a simpler process.

Depending on where you plan to move in India, you’ll need to consider travel times. While moving with pets in India is far easier than taking them abroad, you’ll still need to work out the most suitable method of animal transport. You’ll also need to consider the type of pet you’re bringing and if you’re travelling with more than one animal.

When moving with a pet in India, your animal must be micro-chipped, have their anti-rabies vaccinations, and carry their medical certificate at all times.

Have a vet check-up to make sure all their vaccinations are up-to-date. This will ensure your fur babies are healthy enough to endure the stress of moving. You’ll need to think about the age of your pets because if they are too young or too old they may experience troubles during the move. Always be mindful of your pet’s health as you don’t want them suffering while you’re on the road. Bring a sufficient amount of water and food to sustain your pet’s needs.

If you are moving in a short distance and travelling by car, it is better to take your furry friends in your vehicle. Dogs and cats create a strong emotional bond with their owners, so they will often feel more secure and experience lower stress levels if they can see you and other family members.

If you’re going to put them in a pet carrier, make sure that it is spacious enough for them to stand. Don’t put them in a cage that is too small for them to move positions throughout the journey. When making a stopover, do not leave them inside the vehicle, especially if it is hot. If you’re stopping for petrol only and they’re not getting out of the car with you, simply roll down the windows or leave the air conditioning on.

Should you decide to travel by bus or train, be mindful you cannot simply ride with your pets on public transport. Buses do not have provisions for pet travel but Indian Railways will give permission to transport animals but there will be strict guidelines for you to adhere to.

If you are travelling by air, there are only a few domestic airlines that will accept pet passengers, including Spice Jet, Air India, Vistara and Jet Airways. Each of them has specific rules when boarding with animals but generally, they will require you carry valid health certificates for your pets, have them microchipped, and an 18”x18”x12” maximum-sized kennel with a maximum weight of 5kg. Also, only 2 pets are allowed per passenger.

They will not allow pets under 8 weeks old as this would be too risky for travel. For other pet travel specifications, you can visit the above airline website’s accordingly.

If you’re moving with a pet in India a little further than the next suburb, you may want to contact professional pet movers to ensure the health and safety of your furry friends. Allied can help transport your beloved animals. Feel free to contact us for a quote to move your furniture and your pets.