How to Find A Professional Mover in New Delhi

professional mover new delhi

As the capital of India, New Delhi provides a long list of attractions that draws more people to the city every year. Job opportunities in the city are growing, with IT, sales & marketing and human resources proving the most popular industries to try your luck. Due to the influx, moving companies in India are continuously trying to keep up. New Delhi alone is packed with multiple movers offering cheap prices and the city is filled with customers looking to relocate their belongings for a multitude of reasons, including convenience, downsizing, expanding families or change of jobs. 

Moving in New Delhi can be stressful, so hiring the right local mover will determine how good an experience you have overall. 

What’s the best way to overcome the challenge of finding the right mover in New Delhi? 

Almost all movers claim they are experts in their field, so to sift through the rhetoric, keep the following in mind when consulting local movers.

1.  Look for positive feedback from previous clients

Nowadays, everyone with an internet connection can post their experiences regarding any seller or service provider. Nothing can stop consumers from giving good or bad reviews so look for positive feedback from people who have experienced good service first-hand. To check a moving company’s professional credentials, check their website for:

  • Additional services.
  • Hidden costs and fees.
  • Fine print.
  • Do they provide a free estimate of your inventory?

2. Compare at least 3 moving companies

Landing yourself a reliable moving company requires a keen eye. If you have plans to move in New Delhi, make sure to contact at least 3 local movers for comparison. Compare their customer service, efficiency of equipment (for example, do they have a fleet of modern vehicles?), and their additional services offered. 

Prepare any questions you may have before contacting the mover. 

A professional moving company like Allied has provided hundreds of hassle-free moves by offering packing and unpacking services, well-maintained storage facilities, and personalised moving coordinators. We understand the uniqueness of every move and we provide a tailored solution to suit.

3. Choose an experienced mover

When moving in New Delhi, be careful not to place your trust in cheap moving companies, which most likely lack the experience you require. 

Expert knowledge plays a crucial role when it comes to moving. Allied has been moving countless families and organisations for decades, earning many awards due to our level of professional service.

4. Make an inventory of your belongings for a price assessment

Movers can give you a quote over the phone, as long as you have listed all the items you plan on moving to your new residence. However, a mover that visits your home to conduct a thorough walk-through, taking note of all your belongings will be able to provide a more accurate quote. The wrong amount not only wastes your time, it wastes the removalist’s, as well. Professional movers will schedule a visit to evaluate your possessions in order to give you the right price. 

Knowing what to look for will help save time when finding the right mover in New Delhi. You’ll need to create schedule, stick to your timetable, and plan early on to get on top of your moving project. 

If you’re moving in New Delhi, whether it be domestic or international, contact Allied India to help you with your relocation.