Advice for moving to India alone from abroad

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Are you making the international move to India alone? Unlike moving with a family, relocating by yourself comes with its own challenges and benefits! At Allied India, we have helped thousands of individuals relocate to India from overseas so we’ve put together our best advice to ensure your move is as smooth as possible!

Tips for moving to India alone from overseas

Moving overseas alone is equally exciting and terrifying! Luckily, you can read our tips below so you are well-prepared for your move.

Organise your documentation early

As soon as you decide to relocate to India, we recommend getting your moving documentation organised. This documentation includes ensuring that your passport is up to date, applying for the relevant visa, and arranging any medical and moving insurance. It’s best to prevent leaving this to the last minute as the Indian Government recommends filling out your visa application at least seven days in advance. It is also recommended that you update your immunisations and have appropriate records of all required vaccinations (such as COVID-19). You can use our handy international moving checklist to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything in the lead-up to your move.

Find work before you relocate

The job market in India can be competitive so we recommend ensuring that you have secured work before you relocate. Depending on your work visa type, you may require documentation of your job offer or contract as a condition. When applying for work, you should enquire whether your job pays Indian Rupee (INR), in United States Dollars (USD) or in your home currency. A salary in USD or in your home currency may make the cost of living much more affordable than being paid in Rupee.

Choose the right city in India

Your experience in India will be considerably influenced by where you choose to live. The North and South of India differ in terms of weather, language, food and music. There is no shortage of great cities to choose from in either area, however, choosing where to live will depend on your work and your desire for convenience or quiet. Some popular Indian cities for expats include Pune, Bengaluru, and Kolkata.

Do a ‘trial run’

Sometimes, the place you have been dreaming about does not quite live up to your expectations after you arrive. To avoid this unfortunate situation, take a short trip to India before you move. Although a holiday is different to living in India, it will give you a great feel for your new home and help you understand whether it is the right place for you. It’s also an ideal time to visit different parts of India to see where you may like to settle down permanently.

Pack strategically

As highly experienced movers, we know how easy it is to leave your packing to the last minute! But once you finally do begin packing, taking a strategic approach will save you a lot of time and money. Think about which items you can replace after you move and which furniture and belongings you can’t live without. Some things, like very heavy and revealing clothing, are best donated or sold as they won’t be appropriate or practical when living in India. Check which items may be restricted or prohibited by Indian Customs to avoid any issues when entering the country. To help speed up the packing process, you can use a professional packing service to ensure your items are safe for the journey from overseas.

Acknowledge culture shock

Culture shock is not uncommon for expats, especially those relocating to India. It can take time to adjust to the sensory overload that is India so don’t be too hard on yourself if you are finding it difficult at first. Instead, it’s best to acknowledge that your new home is different and allow yourself a few months to adjust.

Connect with other expats

One of the toughest challenges when moving abroad alone is finding new friends and feeling connected to people who can relate to your experience. Finding a local expat community can make a significant difference in helping you feel more at home through meeting like-minded people. You can find groups on social media like Facebook, websites like MeetUp, and even by contacting your local embassy.

Move with an international moving company

Relocating by yourself can be made much easier with the use of an international moving company. When choosing your movers, look for a reputable company that has a strong track record of international moves and has proof of quality assurance, like accreditation for ISO 9001. Also, ensure that they have a global network of movers so you don’t have to deal with multiple moving companies and can enjoy a seamless move.

Ready to book your solo move from overseas to India? Allied India is ready to make your move a hassle-free experience! You can receive a free quote which is specific to your move today.