Where to Find Hong Kong Expat Accommodation


With so many things to do when you move to Hong Kong, finding a place to live can seem the most daunting task because it is often the one that takes up the most time. While many employers will help you get started by finding you somewhere to live near your new job, if you’re moving under your own steam, you’ll need to trawl the local classifieds. If you don’t have a job lined up yet this may make finding somewhere to live even harder because you won’t know which district to choose. The earlier you start looking for your Hong Kong expat accommodation, the better. Use a budget and have all of your requirements written down before you begin your search.

Important Elements to Watch Out For

Public transport is the primary way of getting around Hong Kong, with extensive options across the entire city. The MTR underground train service, busses and ferries are more efficient than many expats will be used to. You can easily live in the city without a car but in order to navigate the region more easily, you’ll need to find a home near an MTR station.

There are pros and cons that come with leasing older or newer buildings. Rent prices tend to be lower in older buildings and you may even find you’ll enjoy more space, however, in the older Hong Kong expat accommodations you may find fewer amenities.

High, Mid and Low-Rise Accommodation

Modern high-rise buildings with high-spec bathrooms and kitchens, as well as facilities in the building, such as gyms, shopping centres and swimming pools, are perfect for expats and commuters. Usually residing near school bus routes and MTR stations, high-rise buildings can be found on Hong Kong Island, in Kowloon and Lantau. For slightly larger apartments in Low- and Mid-rise buildings you can look at Jardine’s Lookout, Sai Ying Pun and Upper Happy Valley. You may have more space, but you may find fewer amenities and a slightly higher price. 

Townhouses, Tong Laus and Needle Towers

A tong lau is an older building with no elevator, which often offers large living spaces at affordable prices. “Needle towers” is a local term for apartment blocks with a single apartment for each floor. In either option, amenities are not found within the building, which may put off some renters, but lower rents and often great transport links can sway many expats. They are found in Kennedy Town, Mid-Levels and Sai Ying Pun. 

Townhouses are good for families looking for more space and perhaps a private outdoor area. The transport links in areas such as Tuen Mun and Repulse Bay, however, may lead families to invest in private transport to get around.

Luxury Options

Duplexes in the Mid-Levels and Repulse Bay, as well as luxury homes in The Peak, Repulse Bay and Deepwater Bay may interest expats with larger budgets. Duplexes offer large living areas in the bustling city centre, while a luxury home may offer private gardens and swimming pools, particularly those found on Kowloon’s Kadoorie Avenue.

Need More Help?

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