Prepare Your Long-Distance Move Safely with Allied International Movers.

Relocation of your belongings to an overseas destination is likely to be a challenge in these uncertain times, with the Coronavirus pandemic causing panic for many international travellers. Chances are you’ll have more on your mind than just getting your lounge suite from here to your new address.

Allied International Movers remain committed to the protection and safety of our customers, along with our entire network of suppliers, and we continue to take every precaution handed down from the HK Department of Health to ensure the safe passage of not only people but property from Hong Kong to other countries around the world.

We have the skills and experience and health safety protocols to ease the pressure when your departure date is approaching. Whether your move is shorter term or a forever move, there are quite a few things to consider. 

A good starting point is to work out exactly which possessions are making the move with you and which ones you can live without. With that done, make a list of everything that needs to be packed. The staff at Allied can advise on everything from the size of the boxes and the shipping container space to how to safely protect your items from viral contamination.

We offer a full packing service, yet we’re quite happy to give advice to DIY packers and can provide boxes in a variety of sizes to suit. Be mindful, if you pack yourself, you are not qualified for move insurance, which is a great option for an international move, just for peace of mind alone. 

Our teams can pack for you to ensure everything is securely wrapped and hygienically sound to avoid possible damage and viral exposure on what is likely to be a lengthy trip. Our professional staff know all the best techniques, whether it’s a large furniture item or fragile chinaware, and have been given directives from the health authorities to help with potential quarantine of items. 

It pays to check your belongings are clean and dry. Dampness can lead to mould, which could cause irreparable damage. Signs of insect life is another thing to watch for. You don’t want to unpack at your new location to find creepy crawlies have feasted upon your favourite piece of furniture. Plus, your new country might not welcome your little insect hitchhikers, so our HK packing teams can ensure this does not occur. Depending on your destination, you may find customs issues, and of course, there is protection from viral exposure to navigate at the moment, as well. 

Allied International Movers are known for the care they take when moving your belongings. So when you want to be reunited with your belongings in the same great condition as they were when they were selected to make the move with you, contact our move consultants today.