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The New Territories consists of two parts, East and West, each with their own districts. On the west side you’ll find notable regions like Yuen Long, Tuen Mun, Tsuen Wan amongst others while the east side is home to Tai Po, Sha Tin, Sai Kung and many more. The New Territories offer a quiet and peaceful contrast from the bustling metropolis of the city, ideal for those looking to escape the noise. 

When you arrive in the New Territories you’ll be shocked by the amount of greenery, visibility and vastly superior air quality. One of the many highlights of the Northern Territories is the rare wilderness. Whether it be a hike at Tai Mo Shan or a visit to the Hong Kong Wetland Park, the New Territories has the peace and quiet that you simply cannot get from urbanised Hong Kong, a step away from the busy city life. There is also no shortage of international schools in the region for those with or looking to start a family, particularly in Tuen Mun which has become a new favourite within the expat community.

While being far more rural than Kowloon or Hong Kong Island, you won’t be missing out on any good food in the New Territories. Delicious Hong Kong street food is available around every corner, meaning you’ll never be far from a nice meal. In terms of commute times, it typically takes between 40 minutes to an hour to get to the city.

You’ll notice a number of public & private estates within the new territories with far cheaper prices than elsewhere in Hong Kong. When it comes to planning out your move, there are a few things to note. Firstly, take note of the size of apartment or house you are moving into. Typically homes in the New Territories are village houses, meaning they are open plan with far more rooms than the typical apartments envisioned when people think of Hong Kong. However we still recommend checking floor plans before moving and storing or selling any household items you won’t need. Once you have your moving date set, it’s then time to get in touch with a removalist. Our expert team will discuss the moving process with you, from what to do on the day, to how to accept your items at your final destination.

New Territories Moving Services



Enjoy the bustling city lifestyle? Hong Kong Island is just right for you. Hong Kong Island is the busiest and most dynamic area to live within Hong Kong. In amongst the ‘concrete jungle’ that is Hong Kong Island is a number of prestigious international schools conveniently located and easily accessible via transportation.

A hotspot for expats, Hong Kong has a strong western influence due to British colonisation, making european and other western travelers often feel right at home. 

Flowing on from this is a tremendous array of western restaurants, bars, cafes and luxury malls adored by expats and locals alike. Moving to Hong Kong Island will mean you’re right in amongst the action. World-class views of the iconic Victoria Harbour, tram rides at ‘The Peak’ and incredible nightlife at the infamous Lan Kwai Fong pub are all located within Hong Kong Island. English is also very widely spoken here with a huge community of expats and highly educated locals.

As would be assumed the cost of living is much higher in Hong Kong Island with more expensive rent and living costs. You will however only ever be a short walk away from the CBD, connecting you to a number of offices and shopping malls meaning you will save on transport. 

The apartments are usually smaller in the city unless you’re willing to spend more for a spacious villa in the Mid-Levels. It’s very important to check the floor plan of your new place and compare this with your new home as you may be required to sell or store furniture or your belongings which can be done at one of our secure storage facilities.

Hong Kong Island Moving Services

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Looking to explore the traditions and culture of Hong Kong? With a mix of old temples and monuments with modernised commercial and residential complexes, Kowloon is a perfect compromise of location, heritage and housing prices. Much like Hong Kong Island; but without the crowds, you’ll find local street markets, trendy teenage fashion stores and mahjong halls, giving you a taste of the authentic local Hong Kong culture.

West Kowloon is the fastest developing district in Hong Kong, positioned to be the new face of Kowloon. With high-end shopping malls, residential complexes and apartment buildings right in the heart of the city with a rich arts and culture hub, you’ll be connected to some of the greatest entertainment options the city has to offer. Kowloon Tong however houses some stylish colonial mansions and luxury housing perfect for anyone wanting to live in style. You’ll find English widely spoken here thanks to the town’s previous existence as a civil servant retreat. With many international schools and clubhouses Kowloon Tong is perfect for those with or looking to start a family.

Property prices in Kowloon are slightly less than those comparable in Hong Kong Island, with prices varying depending on the district and the type of home. Transportation is incredibly accessible, just a short trip to the city across the river via MTR or bus. 

If you’re looking to save a little bit of money on your Kowloon move, we’d recommend packing all of your items into boxes in advance for the removalists and organising the move for off-peak traffic times to help minimise transit time. Proper planning will ensure that you’re not forced to take any extra unnecessary trips and will help to avoid any stress on the day and settle into your new home.

Kowloon Moving Services

Allied Local Moving Services

If you’re looking to take the stress out of your local move why not contact us today? With experienced packers and movers available just one call away, we can help you every step of the way and ensure that your domestic move goes smoothly! Our services include:

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Storage Services

Affordable short and long term storage space is available at our secure warehouse facility in Hong Kong.


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Comprehensive moving insurance ensuring you have peace of mind knowing your goods are protected during the move.


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Pet Relocation

Comfortable pet relocation services making it possible for your pet to join you when you leave Hong Kong.


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Vehicle Relocation

Our convenient vehicle relocation service saves you the hassle of having to sell your vehicle and buy a new one.


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Excess Baggage

Do you have excess baggage or belongings to move domestically or overseas? Let Allied take care of it.


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