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Storage Rental Hong Kong

It's no secret that life can be unpredictable! With every life change comes baggage - both emotional and physical. When it comes to sorting through and finding somewhere to store your belongings and furniture, you can trust Allied’s secure storage service. Our storage rental enables you to safely store your precious items for as long as you need. Whether you need to store items for a renovation, the passing of a loved one, for a relocation, down-sizing or any other reason, Allied offers small and long term storage options catering to your specific needs and budget. You can rest assured that your belongings will be stored correctly and without risk of theft or damage.


Business Storage

Any corporate relocation involves a significant amount of planning and organisation to successfully achieve. Storing your office furniture, equipment, documents and any other belongings is an easy way to ensure that your office relocation goes smoothly. Regardless of whether you need to store your belongings when you are between offices, leave items behind when relocating your business overseas, or simply need somewhere secure and reliable to store archived documents, Allied will ensure that your corporate effects are taken care of.


Personal Storage

Personal storage doesn’t need to be limited to a domestic or international relocation. There are plenty of reasons why you may need to store your personal items for short or long time periods. If you are collecting artwork, memorabilia, stamps, toys or anything else, you can store them safely with Allied thanks to our climate-controlled storage units. Our state of the art storage facilities and professional packing services means your precious belongings and furniture will be correctly stored without the risk of damage from vermin, dust, and water.

Why Choose Allied Hong Kong for Your Storage Needs?

Allied is the number one choice for storage in Hong Kong due to our convenience, highly quality and secure storage service offerings.

Highly Convenient

Highly Convenient

Unlike some other storage facilities, Allied has the advantage of also being an international moving company which maximises our convenience. We can transport your things to and from our storage facilities efficiently and securely. Due to our expansive global network of movers, we can deliver your stored items directly to you anywhere in the world from our Hong Kong facility.

Monitored 24/7

Monitored 24/7

The security of your belongings and furniture is our number one priority. Our storage facilities are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you can rest assured that your stored items will be safely protected.

Flexible Storage Options

Flexible Storage Options

We offer a range of storage options, from units which can store a full household worth of belongings to smaller units that are best suited for a few items. Our flexible storage periods mean you can choose to store your items for either short or long term periods of time.

Friendly Customer Service

Friendly Customer Service

Allied is here to help you every single step of the way! Our Hong Kong team is available to assist you with all your storage needs and provide you with a stress-free experience.

Our Storage Process

The first step to storing your things with Allied is to discuss your specific needs with our friendly and knowledgeable local team. We can then provide you a quote which suits the amount of items in storage as well as your preferred storage time. 

Our team can professionally pack and securely transport your belongings and furniture to our storage facility. Using our industry standard materials and climate controlled storage units, your things will be safely protected from any damage caused by water, humidity, vermin or dust. 

When you are ready to retrieve your items from storage, we can deliver your belongings directly to your door. Regardless of where in Hong Kong or even across the world you are, our team can ensure that your personal or corporate affects make it to your new home.

Our Storage Options

At Allied, we aim to make storage simple and convenient. That’s why we offer both short and long term storage options for domestic and commercial needs.

Short Term Storage

If you need somewhere to store your furniture, belongings and appliances for a short period of time, then Allied’s short term storage offering is for you! Our flexible storage options means you can store your things with Allied for as long as you need. Unlike other providers, you won’t need to worry about being locked into long contracts and not being able to access your items in storage when you choose Allied. You’ll create a storage plan which can be customised to your specific needs and can even include additional services such as transportation and the professional packing of your items in storage.


Long Term Storage

When it comes to placing your items for long periods of time, choose Allied. Our long term storage options make storing your furniture and belongings in storage easy and affordable. As professional packers,We can also pick up your items directly from your home to the storage facility, saving you the trouble of dropping off your belongings. Once you are ready to take your belongings out of the storage, we can deliver directly to your home - regardless of where you are in Hong Kong and even the world!

Why Allied is One of Hong Kong’s Most Trusted Storage Services?

Trustworthy and Reputable 

We’re proud to have a customer centric approach when it comes to our services. We have worked hard to build our reputation for being a trustworthy and reliable moving and storage provider. Thousands of customers have been satisfied by our friendly customer service and high quality yet affordable storage offerings. Our 4.5 star reviews speak for themselves!

Quality Assured

As a part of the global brand, Allied Hong Kong is committed to quality. We are proud to have both an ISO 9001 Quality Systems and  FAIM-ISO accreditation (the industry’s highest accreditation), which is proof that we value our customers and have the necessary systems in place to provide excellent service and offerings. 

Award Winning Services

Allied is well-known as a high quality relocation and storage expert, and has been recognised for this commitment to customers. We have been awarded International Moving Company of the Year five times by the Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards. 


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Frequently Asked questions:

How much does it cost to rent a storage space in Hong Kong? 

The cost of a storage space will depend on a variety of factors; such as the amount of items, the period of rental and any other specific requirements such as transporting and packing. Some storage providers may provide special deals for longer term storage options or the use of a half unit, which is shared with another customer. You’ll find that storage units can cost HK$324 up to $3,288 per month. The best way to receive the best possible deal is to get in touch with the storage provider directly and discuss your needs. 

What size storage unit is most rented?

The 10x10 storage unit tends to be most popular due to its versatility. The 10x10 can usually fit the contents of a small apartment, approximately 10-20 boxes and as well as some major appliances. 

Should I get a storage unit?

There’s multiple reasons why you may choose to rent a storage unit. Popular reasons tend to be relocating, downsizing, the passing of a loved one, or storing collector items and archived documents. If you need somewhere to securely and properly store your belongings and furniture then a storage unit is a great option. 

How do I choose the right size storage unit?

The easiest way to work out the right sized storage unit for your needs is to get a recommendation from the storage providers. You can receive an exact quote on the suggested size for your items and can even have an in-person inspection to exactly determine the right unit size.

Is storage space a good investment?

A storage unit is a great investment if you need somewhere affordable to put your belongings and furniture securely. You can save significantly by placing items in storage opposed to disposing of and replacing them. It’s also a great alternative to paying more rent/price for bigger home or office space. 

Can I authorise another person to access my storage space?

As our storage units are highly monitored, you need to be authorised to access a unit. If you need someone else to access your storage unit, you can get in touch directly with Allied or your storage provider to arrange appropriate authorisation. 

When can I retrieve my belongings from the self storage?

With Allied, you’ll be able to retrieve your belongings and furniture from your unit when you need to. Simply get in touch with our team to arrange either pick up or direct delivery of your items in your storage unit.