Corporate Relocation Services


Allied is a professional moving company with decades of experience. We've assisted thousands of families, individuals and businesses with their moves across the world. Our corporate relocation service makes the complex moving process seamless for both you and your employee.


A corporate relocation involves an employee transferring from one location to another for work purposes. As the relocation involves an employee leaving their current home and moving internationally, an employer will cover all or some of the costs required to facilitate the relocation.

There are many reasons why employers decide to choose a corporate relocation. Common reasons include to fill a new or existing position, to open a new location and/or to foster career development. Deciding to relocate for work can be a nerve wracking yet highly exciting process for employees. 


Corporate relocation companies assist in the relocation of an employee by offering a variety of services. These services can include organising required visas and other immigrant documentation, transporting the belongings and personal items of the employee, and arranging accommodation for the employee and their family. 

What are the benefits of using a corporate relocation company?

By using a corporate relocation company, you are choosing to make your relocation process seamless. Highly experienced professionals will assist your employee through their move from start to finish. When choosing to work with a corporate relocation company you’ll save yourself the headache of having to organise the finer details. You won’t need to worry about immigration paperwork, arranging suitable accommodation or contacting a separate moving company when you choose Allied as your corporate relocation provider. 

The streamlined process won’t compromise productivity or your bottom line as your employee will be able to seamlessly integrate into their new workplace and home. By reducing the stress of the relocation, your employee will be able to focus on their work opposed to coordinating their move.


Corporate relocations can be seamless if you choose the right relocation company to handle the finer details. A corporate relocation company, such as Allied, has the necessary expertise and experience to assist you through a relocation to or from Hong Kong. 

At Allied, we understand that time is money. You don’t have the time to worry about the minuscule details involved in a corporate relocation, you need to focus on your business. Specialising in corporate relocations, Allied has the necessary systems in place to minimise disruption and ensure the moving process is as efficient as possible. We’ll take care of the trivialities and do the literal heavy lifting for you. 

Allied has decades of experience helping individuals and their families relocate overseas for work. Our expansive network of removalists means we can help you relocate to Hong Kong from anywhere in the world, or move you and your belongings to a new home from Hong Kong. 

Our multilingual and highly skilled team have undertaken specialised training so you can expect excellent customer service, clear communication and a smooth relocation process when you choose Allied. We’ll guide you and your employee through the entire process of relocating so it's a stress-free and enjoyable experience. 

  • 600 locations across the globe

  • Reviewed 4.5 stars 

  • Over 50,000 international moves a year



If you’re an employee organising your own corporate relocation overseas, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Moving comes with a world of exciting new work and lifestyle opportunities, but it's also filled with uncertainty as you leave your familiar home and routine. Undertaking a corporate relocation with a family also adds another layer of stress and complexity. Fortunately, Allied can make your relocation easy and stress free!

Our wide range of corporate relocation services will cover all aspects of your relocation. We’ll organise your necessary work permits, help arrange your accommodation, and even assist in recommending suitable schools for your family. 

Administrative Assistance

Immigration documentation can be a nightmare to deal with if you don’t know what you’re doing. As Allied helps thousands of people move internationally, we’re experts when it comes to organising visas and work permits. You can trust Allied to assist in the administrative side of your corporate relocation.

Efficient Removalists

Our team of highly trained professional movers can efficiently transport your household and office furniture and belongings to your location, wherever it is in the world. We’ll take care of your precious belongings and ensure they arrive safe and sound. 

Vehicle Relocation

There’s no need to agonise over the tedious task of selling or purchasing a car with Allied’s vehicle relocation service. We’ll transport your car to your new destination so you can easily settle in following your corporate relocation. 

Pet Relocation

We understand that pets are part of the family so it's important that they relocated with you. Our pet relocation service makes it easy for your furry friend to come with you on your corporate relocation. 

Secure Storage

Our storage service enables you to securely store your belongings and furniture as you relocate overseas. You won’t have to worry about dust, water or vermin damaging your belongings when you use Allied’s trusted storage service. This is ideal for those relocating who aren’t able to bring everything with them or would like to return in a few years. If you change your mind, then Allied can easily transport your items and furniture to your new home. 


To find out more about our corporate relocation, contact our friendly Hong Kong team today.