Only Use the Highest-Rated International Moving Services in HK

Whether you have a severe case of homesickness or your work contract in Hong Kong is coming to an end, planning an international relocation is a massive job. So why shoulder this huge responsibility all by yourself? There are movers that do more than just ship your furniture, offering services that can help you find a new home, schools for your kids and get your pets safely across the seas. If you’re looking for the best international moving services in Hong Kong, you’ll find them at Allied.

With first-class customer care and an exceptional reputation for logistics and transport, the safe delivery of your goods comes with a lot less risk when you hire Allied. As the highest-rated international moving services in Hong Kong, we offer premium quality and complete transparency throughout the entire moving process, from pre-booking the services to post-arrival customer care. 

Our customers receive the best security, shipping and insurance services for their relocation projects. When searching for an international moving company, consider the following important tips.

1. International excise expertise

With numerous regulations and legalities moving internationally, you want to ensure you're employing an HK mover that has significant industry knowledge to ensure a smooth move. Rather than encounter glitches at the border, let our experienced consultants handle all the customs regulations for you. All you need to do is fill out the paperwork.

2. Remove the language barriers. 

When choosing a licensed moving team in HK to help you move internationally, there is potential for many unforeseen events to occur. Therefore, you want to be able to communicate easily with consultants both sides of your move. Our multi-lingual staff can help you to understand the entire process and if you’re worried about something or have an enquiry, we’re an easy point of contact.

3. Shipping regulations.

We have decades handling shipping regulations and know which goods have to pass quarantine checks. There are so many aspects to transporting your goods, with freight including road, sea and air transport, as well as whether to purchase whole or partial container loads. Let us work out the logistics for you. We can visit your property to conduct a thorough inventory, so no space goes wasted or costs more than necessary in your moving quote.

4. High-tech habits.

Allied has partnered with GlobalCom to ensure we know exactly where your items are in real-time at all times of the day or night. Our move coordinators use smart devices, whereby they can track your inventory to help ensure the safety of your belongings.

5. Find out your liabilities.

While our experienced removalists take the greatest of care with your belongings, they are not immune to rare and unfortunate mishaps in transit, such as road accidents, poor weather or grounded aircraft. Minimise the risk in your relocation by taking out insurance as part of our international moving services.

Allied makes an easy choice for your relocation services as the highest-rated international moving services in Hong Kong. A trusted partner of many operators that help deliver your belongings safely and on time all over the globe, we offer the utmost assurance of a safe and reliable move. Contact us today to organise your free move consultation.