Points to Consider When Looking for an International Moving Company

The cost of hiring an international moving company in Hong Kong is likely to be considerable, for a number of reasons. Choosing carefully can make the difference between a successful transition and an experience you’d rather forget. The process of relocating to or from Hong Kong is complicated and will require a great deal of expert assistance, so rather than doing it alone make sure you get the best help you need. 

As well as the financial cost, the pressure of deadlines and stress caused by moving a family will add to your burden, so if you don’t manage your move effectively you may suffer increased anxiety. 

To avoid extra costs for unwanted services, here are some expert tips on what to look for in an international moving company.

Do I have to worry about language barriers?

When you hand over your belongings and you experience a holdup of any kind, language barriers will be one of the most frustrating issues. An established international HK removalist will employ multilingual staff across their operations, including their partner companies in foreign destinations. This cuts out the risk of miscommunication at any stage of your international move, ensuring more efficient handovers.

What about customs checks?

Professional international moving companies that Hong Kong expats use will be up-to-date with the rigorous customs regulations enforced by HK officials. Knowledge of these rules will help your removalist avoid unnecessary delays entering or leaving the country. Arriving on schedule, this invaluable knowledge will, in turn, help guarantee you will incur no extra fees for releasing quarantined goods and help you avoid having items impounded.

How can I be sure all my goods are inventoried?

As with much else in today’s globalised world, technology is important for customers when relocating abroad. In particular, reputable HK movers use handheld devices that can show customers every item listed in their inventory, with the cost of each added to the total fee, which helps with policy cover as well. 

Can I track my possessions in transit?

Allied is one of the ground-breaking international moving companies in Hong Kong that keeps tabs on customers’ belongings during the move. GlobalCom technology allows staff and customers to locate trucks and shipping crates anywhere in the world, at any time of night or day. As moving overseas often involves crossing time zones, this 24/7 access provides peace of mind, whether you’re in HK or another country or continent.

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