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As worldwide moving experts, Allied understand that when people think moving they also think (and stress about) packing.

Running about sourcing packing materials such as packing boxes, packing tape and protective wrap is time consuming.

Packing household goods from delicate ornaments, books, clothes, toys, housewares to TV’s, furniture and appliances can take days. In the end many people simply give up being careful, throwing items haphazardly into packing boxes, living to regret it when cherished possessions arrive to their new destination in pieces!

Our Packers Bring Everything With Them

Forget having to source packing supplies, our expertly trained packers will bring all necessary packing materials with them.

We have special boxes for packing glasswear, china, artwork, antiques and more. Our protective wrapping and strong packing boxes keep your goods safe on their journey to your new home.

All of your boxes will be labelled correctly, making unpacking easy.

Why Choose Allied Movers & Packers?

●     Expertly trained professional packers

●     Premium quality packing materials supplied

●     Fast and efficient packers

●     Saves you valuable time and energy

●     Competitive prices

Contact Allied Hong Kong on +852.2736.6032 for a quote today! 

Frequently Asked Moving & Packing Questions 

Where to get packing boxes in Hong Kong?

Moving with Allied Hong Kong means you have access to a range of various sized boxes to expertly pack all of your belongings. Our variety of box sizes means you’ll be able to find boxes suited to your specific moving requirements and will also have access to premium quality packing materials like tape, bubble, plastic and paper wrapping. By using our industry standard materials, your precious items will be securely packed and easy to unpack when they arrive at your new destination. 

How much do movers cost in Hong Kong?

Allied Hong Kong’s moving costs will depend on your type of move as we tailor our service to your unique moving needs. Our moving quotes are based upon a combination of factors including the distance of the move, moving dates, volume of items to be moved as well as use of any additional moving services. 

Being the International Moving Company of the Year 5 years running, you’re guaranteed to receive incredible value when you choose to move with Allied. We provide decades of industry and local knowledge, exceptional  service and will always provide the utmost care for you and your belongings.

Do packers and movers pack everything?

While Allied will move your furniture, belongings, vehicles and even your pets, there are some things our team won’t pack.

We won’t move potentially dangerous items like gasoline, oxygen bottles and lighters  in order to keep you and our teamsafe.

Valuables like heirlooms, collections, cash and important documents are advised to be kept with you throughout your move. In the unlikely event anything is lost or damaged, these items can be very difficult if not impossible to replace. We would recommend protecting your valuables with our moving insurance.

Finally, perishable items or consumables in glass jars are advised to be used or thrown out before moving. This is due to custom regulations in some countries as well as the risk of these items leaking, causing mould or other  damage to your belongings. Some perishable items can be transported upon request, but be sure to call in advance to discuss the specifics with our team. 

Are packers and movers safe?

Allied Hong Kong’s moving and packing services are safe, insured and world-class. With over 600 locations in 40 countries, you can trust our expert team.

Accredited for ISO9001 (Quality Management), and FAIM-ISO (the industry’s highest quality accreditation), you can guarantee the quality of our services, far exceeding the regular quality standards of other movers.

Our Hong Kong team also adheres to Allied’s Global Service Charter, an agreed service-level agreement between Allied locations all over the world, ensuring world-class standards and consistent service door to door.