What is a Door to Door Moving Service?


According to many people, moving house is one of the most stressful events to occur in your lifetime. In today’s fast-paced world you’re more than likely to move more than once. Luckily, Allied professional Hong Kong movers offers a door-to-door service to take a lot of the stress out of the move. Hiring a professional mover allows you to get on with other duties and roles while you’re preparing for the move because we can take on the packing, moving and unpacking elements of your move. The best part is we move locally and internationally. As a door-to-door mover, your Allied team will pack everything, move your belongings and unpack everything at your new address. 

Our Packing Services

While it may seem like a good idea to pack for yourself or have friends and family help you, here at Allied, we would recommend our own services because we are insured. Friends and family do not have years of experience packing delicate items in a short period of time and unlike your mates, our insurance covers the risk of loss and damage if our teams have packed your items themselves. An out-of-place item can damage many objects in a single box, while heavy boxes as well as furniture can be easily mishandled. Our highly trained staff know where to pack boxes in the truck or container to reduce the risk of damage and have all the required equipment to move your furniture safely. Our insurance premiums will rise and therefore our bottom line is impacted if your items or furniture are damaged in transit, so we do everything to protect them.

Our Transport Services

Of course, every door-to-door mover will offer to move your furniture to your new property. At Allied, we do not simply transport your boxes and furniture, we can help you plan a domestic or international move in or from Hong Kong. We will visit your home and identify what kind of moving service you require, the size of vehicles needed and if you are moving internationally, what documents you must provide for customs. We can help fill out these customs forms and assist your items to move more smoothly through the processes in your new host country. If you are staying within Hong Kong, we will aim to keep your property safe, secure and unscathed during transit. 

Unpacking Services

If one of our moving teams have packed your belongings, you can request an unpack service as well. You do not need to exist around stacks of boxes in your new home for months after you move in. Once we have unpacked, we will take all the packing materials away, so you won’t have to dispose of the clutter. Unpacking, like packing, can damage delicate items and our experienced staff will reduce the risk of breakages, plus, we will place or reassemble the furniture where you want it. 

Contacting Your Door-to-Door Moving Service

If you are interested in hiring Allied Hong Kong as your door-to-door mover or have any questions, please call us on (852) 2736 6032 or via the contact form on our website. Get in touch the earlier the better to allow us to provide a quote for the work, so we can book you in as soon as you have a moving date to avoid missing out.