When the time comes to relocate your business in Hong Kong, there’s no shortage of things to do! Moving office involves relocating staff, furniture and equipment (often expensive assets such as computers and servers). However, during an office move, downtime must also be considered. How long can a business afford to be offline?

Between packing all items away, dismantling desks and other office furniture, moving, unpacking and setting everything up in the new office location, income can be lost during the moving phase.

The question is, how does a company minimise the risk for loss of business, and also ensure customer service levels remain high, during a relocation? The answer is by hiring professional office movers.

The Benefits Of Hiring Professional Office Movers

Professional office movers are trained in the art of business relocation. Regardless of whether the move is to another commercial premises in Hong Kong, or if a business is relocating operations to a new country, professional office movers understand exactly what needs to be achieved in a short timeframe.

Efficient and effective

A smart business understands that by engaging the services of a trusted professional moving company, they are saving significant time. An experienced moving company like Allied has a team of office moving professionals who will ensure that your business relocation is as efficient and smooth as possible. You won’t need to worry about being offline or unable to operate your business for long periods of time if you choose Allied. We’ll get the job done so you can return to business as usual. 

Trustworthy and experienced

An office relocation involves the moving of confidential documents and other sensitive materials. That’s why you should hire a trusted moving company like Allied who have the right processes in place to ensure your privacy is respected throughout the entire process of relocating. We’ve helped a range of businesses successfully relocate, providing a range of different corporate moving services such as vehicle and employee relocation. 

Properly insured 

When a business hires professional office movers such as Allied, the element of risk is significantly reduced. If you choose a professional moving company like Allied to handle your business relocation, you can be properly insured. As you are moving highly expensive equipment and furniture which are all important to your business, you need to have the necessary insurance in case of an unfortunate accident. If a staff member injures themselves during an office move, it can be a nightmare dealing with the insurance and required paperwork so it's best to trust the experts. 

Take the stress off you!

When you choose professional movers to help you move, you can focus on what's really important - running your business! A team of experienced movers will handle everything including the finer details of your relocation so you won’t need to worry! Professional removalists will take the burden of the heavy lifting off you, so you can dedicate time to the other aspects of your relocation such as notifying customers, vendors and other related parties about your new address and other related administrative matters. By making sure the office moving process is seamless and stress free, it ensures the time is available for post move tasks to be completed swiftly and efficiently. 

Book Professional Removalists For Your Next Corporate Relocation

As one of Hong Kong’s most reliable office moving companies, our streamlined processes help to integrate your project management and communications to provide a seamless moving experience. Join thousands of satisfied clients around the world using our trusted services to efficiently relocate their operations and manpower by booking your relocation today! 

We’ll be able to provide a quote and moving solution which is specific to your corporate relocation needs and budget. Get in touch with us today!