Pet-Friendly Apartments in Hong Kong


In general, Hong Kong, with its conglomeration of high-rise residences and heavily trafficked streets, is not the most pet-friendly city in the world. Yet if you are moving in Hong Kong with pets, there are many places where cats and dogs are welcome. Some neighbourhoods are better suited to cater for your furry friends and are therefore more likely to rent properties that allow pets. Some pet-friendly neighbourhoods are more expensive to rent and are suitable for renters with a larger budget, while some older homes are cheaper but less suitable for all families. Therefore, the search for pet-friendly apartments may take some time, but you will find one eventually.

When searching for your ideal home, keep an eye out for pet stores, veterinarians and dog groomers. If there are multiple cat and dog-related businesses operating in an area, there is a good chance that there is a high availability of pet-friendly homes. Also watch out for dog boarding facilities in the local area, which can make your Hong Kong moving day a lot less stressful if you know your pet is safe with less risk of running away and getting lost.

The Best Dog-Friendly Areas

Sai Kung is one of the best places to find affordable pet-friendly apartments as well as spacious, luxury villas for those with larger budgets. The area is perfect for dog walking thanks to its plentiful outdoor areas and pet stores. If you do not need to visit the centre of the city every day, Yuen Long is a region with extensive natural areas, perfect for dogs. Lamma Island is full to the brim with dog-friendly homes, as well as every outdoor activity your dog could want to experience, all with the relaxed atmosphere of an island village lifestyle.

While these pet-friendly areas of Hong Kong are perfect for dogs, their location may not be suitable if you work in the CBD. These areas are far from the city and you’ll need a car to getting around easily. They are ideal suburbs for retirees or anyone who can work from home, but if you work in central Hong Kong your commute length will be longer.

Doggy Haven

Sai Ying Pun is an area of the city experiencing regeneration and offering green areas along with many dog and cat-related services. Many walk-up apartments as well as fully serviced apartments are available to renters with pets. Pok Fu Lam is home to one of the best, and one of the only dog-friendly parks in the city, Cyberport Waterfront Park. The park even offers areas in which your furry friend can be let free off their leash.

Moving Within Hong Kong

Your pets can detect when you are anxious and the best way to keep them calm during a move is to focus on reducing your stress. Ask the team at Allied for help finding pet-friendly apartments, as well assistance for your packing, moving and unpacking when you find your new home. For more help or advice, contact us via the form on our website or call us on (852) 2736 6032.