How to Update Your Address When Moving Overseas from Hong Kong


Moving home within the same state or country can be stressful enough, so moving overseas takes on an entirely new outlook. Here at Allied, we can offer advice and help you with the entire process of moving from Hong Kong, packing and unpacking, as well as storing your belongings should you need. When you move internationally, you need to inform the Hong Kong government. Fortunately, this has become easier in recent years with the advent of the Internet and online government services.

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Informing the Government

It is important to tell each government department of your change of address within a month of the move date. Either you will have to contact each one separately, or you can use the Change of Address Service offered by the government on their website. This site will change your address records with 23 government departments and 7 NGOs (Non-governmental Organisations). 

For some of these departments, including the Immigration Department, Inland Revenue Department and the Transport Department, you may need to obtain a digital certificate before being able to use this service.

Digital Certificates

The digital certificate is issued when a certification authority checks and vouches for the identity of the certificate holder, allowing them to conduct online transactions. The easiest of these to apply for is the Hong Kong Post’s e-Cert personal certificate. You can pick up the CPos 798A form from your nearest post office or apply online. You will need your original HKID card and the fee when applying in person. It may take 2 weeks to complete, possibly longer if there are any issues with the application, so acquiring this before moving overseas is highly recommended.

Public Utilities 

If you use utilities supplied by the Water Supplies Department, you will need to inform them of your move with at least 14 days’ notice in order to close the account and ask for your deposit to be refunded. You will also need to contact your electricity, gas, telephone, Internet and TV service providers, most of which allow you to do this online via your accounts page. 

You should also consider informing your medical services, insurance services and financial service companies about your move. 

Have Your Mail Redirected

It does not matter how much you have planned and organised your move, you will undoubtedly forget to inform someone. Because of this, the Hong Kong Post offers a Mail Redirection service, which will forward all your mail to your new address for a set period of time. 

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