How to Plan A Family Relocation from Hong Kong

Moving abroad can be a stressful time in your life, even more so with a family to keep safe. Children of different ages have different needs and your extended family, the pets, need to be considered, too. Allied’ relocation services in Hong Kong can help you move to your desired destination easily and efficiently. To make things more seamless, here are a few other tasks that can help an International family relocation go smoothly.

Proximity to Hong Kong Schools

Finding a new place to live in Hong Kong can be exciting as you imagine the new friends you’ll make and the fresh experiences you’ll enjoy.

The best way to plan an efficient move is to inform the team at Allied’s relocation services in Hong Kong. They can help you every step of the way, even to offer advice about the best way to go about securing a place in your choice of school.

It is important to take transport requirements into account. Finding the right place to live not only includes finding a house with all of the features you want, it is important to find a property within an accepting school’s catchment area.

Talking to your children’s current school should be done as soon as a new educational institution is found. Once you know what information the new school needs, you’ll need to request the documentation from your current educator and let them know that the children will be moving.

Take Time to Settle In

It’s perfectly natural to experience culture shock when you move to a new location – and everybody does to a certain degree. Your daily tasks will be altered, simply by the time is takes to get to work, or get your kids to school, the transport you have to catch or the length of the drive. You’ll even have to think about how long it takes to do the grocery shopping to factor that into your weekly routine.

To help curtail this, once Allied movers and packers have finished unpacking your household goods, it is important to become more accustomed to your new neighbourhood, the local culture and language. Doing so can help you and your family feel more at home more quickly.

Sign up your children to local clubs and sports teams and find a way to envelop yourself in the community as much as possible.  Although English is a widely spoken language, find a tutor that can help teach the family the new language together, with exciting games and fun interactions to make it more enjoyable and engaging. Take a tour of your new city or rural region and allow the family to discover sights, sounds and smells together.

Have the Documentation Ready to Relocate with Your Family

As a worker in a new country, it is important to ensure your visa allows your family to come with you. If you have a partner, are they allowed to work? Do you have to earn a minimum wage in order to bring your children and partner with you?

If you are a single parent with the children’s other parent living from your departing country, it is important to check you have the right to relocate with them. You don’t want your ex contesting your moving plans from Hong Kong because they were ill-informed.

The most important thing to remember when you’re undergoing an international move is to take one thing at a time. Your very own personal moving consultant from Allied will be there to guide so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, simply give us a call and we’ll do our best to answer all your queries.