Guide to Moving Abroad with Your Family to Hong Kong

Hong Kong street at night

Moving is no easy task, especially with the added stress of relocating with a family. Along with organising the logistics of your move, you have the additional job of preparing your children for this big change. Setting time aside to plan your international relocation to Hong Kong can help your family feel excited about the move, and give you peace of mind during this busy time.

Known for our experience in international moving, the team at Allied has assisted hundreds of families relocate to Hong Kong successfully. To ensure you experience a seamless move, we have put together our top tips for relocating to Hong Kong with your family!

Finding The Right Neighbourhood 

Choosing the right place to move to in Hong Kong for your family will greatly affect how your family takes to the move. To get your children involved in the move, you can ask them to envision the new friends they will make in your new neighbourhood or the things they are most excited to see in the new city.

Kowloon Tong, Mid Levels and Jardine’s Lookout are great Hong Kong neighbourhoods for expats and families. Whilst these neighbourhoods offer great international schools, choosing a place to live will also depend on affordability, transportation access, amenities and where you find work.

Coordinate Your Relocation Documentation

When moving to Hong Kong, you will need the appropriate visa documentation to work, unless you’re planning to retire overseas after your move. To do this, apply for a visa via the Hong Kong Immigration Department to ensure all your documentation such as work and residence visas for you and your family are up to date. We recommend applying for these visas at least a few months prior to your move to avoid major issues and to account for any delays.

Moving as part of a corporate relocation? Be sure to discuss any required documentation you may require before your move with your moving service and employee. If you’re planning to transport your car or relocate your pet to Hong Kong from overseas, you may need specialised documentation such as purchase records, vaccinations and any other relevant information required by Hong Kong customs.

Settle Into Your New Home

When moving to Hong Kong, it is perfectly normal for your family to experience a sense of culture shock. Your daily routines will be changed in many aspects, such as the route to get to work or school, or where to go for your weekly grocery shop. Finding your feet is a task in itself, from understanding the layout of your new home to settling into your new neighbourhood.

Helping your family settle in as soon as possible and creating a consistent routine will allow you to adjust to this life change. To aid this process, we recommend looking into professional unpacking services to help quickly set up your new home. By taking this task off your list, you will have more time to explore your new home and become acquainted with the local culture and language - making you and your family feel at home.

To help your children adapt to their new home, sign them up to local clubs, sports teams or activity groups Discover your new home as a family by exploring the sights Hong Kong has to offer.

Talk It Through With Your Moving Consultant

When taking the leap and moving internationally to Hong Kong, be sure not to rush the process and take your time! Whether you’re considering an overseas move to the New Territories, Kowloon or any other area of Hong Kong, you can have peace of mind with the guidance of the professional moving consultants at Allied Moving Services. A dedicated moving consultant from Allied will be by your side to guide you through your move, step by step. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to answer all your queries.