Expats Guide to Relocating from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom

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If you’ve been lured to Hong Kong for the amazing work opportunities and vibrant city lifestyle, you’ll likely be in two minds about going home to the United Kingdom. While many will be counting down the days until you return to family and friends in the UK, you will also be winding up work commitments and making social engagements to let your new circle of expat friends know you’re going home. With connections to economies around the globe, it was only a matter of time before you decided to head home to the UK after enjoying life as an expat in Hong Kong, with all the perks that come with living in this Southeast China territory. Of course, Allied can help you with your move from removals to visas and home searches in Britain. 

Do You Need a Visa?

Perhaps you’ve met and fallen in love with The One and you can’t bear the thought of travelling home without your beloved by your side. Your partner may require a visa and there are many different visas available to work and reside in the UK, but not all are easy to acquire. You may want to look at a marriage visa, however, if you’re not ready to take the walk down the aisle, there are a variety of routes, such as visas for skilled workers or ‘high value’ workers. 

Skilled workers can apply for a tier 2 visa if they have a job offer for a skilled job in the UK, or if your company has offered your partner a job in a UK branch of their business. Your partner may also apply for a tier 2 if they are working for a religious community or as an elite sportsperson or a coach for an elite person or team. Tier 2 applicants must be eligible for the visa by showing that they will have a suitable income and savings to support themselves in the country and a valid certificate of sponsorship for their new job.

High-value workers, such as investors or entrepreneurs, can apply for a tier 1 visa, with proof they have the finances to invest in the UK economy. For those with a parent, child or spouse living in the UK, a family visa might be an option. In these cases, the sponsor will have to meet an income requirement.

Tested for Tuberculosis

Residents and expats in Hong Kong are required to have a tuberculosis test before applying for a visa. This only applies to those who wish to live in the UK or stay for longer than 6 months. 

Making the Move

When your visa is organised, you will need to choose what you are taking with you. If you have decided to travel with your furniture and personal belongings, Allied can help organise the packing and transport of your property. If you are travelling for a shorter period and have decided to put your items into storage, we offer packing, transport and storage services, until you are ready to ship your belongings abroad or to your new Hong Kong address upon your return.

The team at Allied has the experience and tools to help expats in Hong Kong relocate home to the UK. Our services include putting you in touch with experts in visas and pet relocation. We can also offer assistance when looking for accommodation or schools for your children. If you have any questions, contact us by calling +852.2736.6032 or by using the contact form on our website.