Move Day Tips

Moving day is one of the most anticipated days of the entire move process and with proper planning you can ensure that you have all bases covered! Be sure to utilise the Allied’ Moving House Checklist which allows you monitor key millstones leading up top the big day.

Our experienced moving teams will do everything they can to make sure your move is a complete success.

Your moving day removals team

The first person you will meet on move day is the Team Leader. They will run through the details of your move to ensure your expectations for Move Day are met along with any special instructions.

The Team Leader will review the household furniture items in your home that are being moved and plan the loading process in the most safe and efficient way.

With years of research, development and training through our Removalists Academy behind them, your Allied’s Home Moving Team will ensure the packing and loading process is conducted to industry leading standards, ensuring maximum protection of your personal belongings and your own peace of mind.

Move day reminders

  • You or a responsible person must be at your home on move day
  • Ensure there is no food or liquid left in your fridge
  • It is a good idea to arrange for someone to take care of the children (and pets) while the removalists are packing and loading your items.
  • Ensure items not being moved are clearly separated from those items that are being moved.
  • Keep Passports and important travel documents you require well away from any bench tops that could be accidently packed!
  • All modular furniture should already be dismantled. Please speak to your move consultant about how we can help with this process if you are unable to dismantle or re-assemble at your new residence.
  • Be sure to sign off the detailed inventory report we prepare and keep this for your delivery day
  • Prior to the team leaving take one final walk around the house to check everything has been collected and not left behind. Looking in places such as closets and cupboards, under stairs or in the garage to ensure nothing is left behind!