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Purpose Built Furniture Storage

At Allied, we offer a range of secure storage options to suit your needs. With flexible short term, long term and valet storage services, you can safely store your items without the need for lock-in contracts or obligations. Our storage options even include door-to-door service and the option of valet packing or unpacking to take all the stress out of the storage process.

Short Term Storage

We offer flexible short term solutions for convenient and secure storage of your belongings. No matter your situation, we can keep your belongings safely in our storage facility and deliver them to you when you are ready. We understand that moving dates don’t always line up and plans aren’t always set in stone which is why we’ve created storage options that don’t lock you into contracts. Instead, you can create a storage plan that suits your needs and can be customised to suit you. Just let us know when you’re ready and we will bring your belongings right to your door. Some bigger items or sentimental belongings can clutter your home and weigh on your mind. Free up your home and clear your space with short term storage.


Long Term Storage

Our long term storage facility is the perfect solution for keeping items safe over extended periods of time. With no obligations or lock-in contracts, you have the flexibility to store your items for as little time as you need, or as long as you like. Our facility is closed to the public and utilises high quality plywood for each of our secure storage units. This ensures that your items are highly protected and preserved for when you next need them.

There are many reasons you may require long term storage. You may need to move temporarily for work, maybe you are renovating your home, or maybe you just don’t have the room at the moment for your belongings. Whatever the reason, our storage units are the safe, flexible and convenient solution to your problem.

Small Volume Storage

Our storage service offers the most convenient and flexible storage options right to your doorstep. Not everyone needs a huge plywood container in a warehouse to store their possessions. Sometimes storing a few small boxes is all you need to free up space in your home. Small volume storage is the service that allows you to pay only for the storage space you need.

The best thing is, when you store items with valet packing service as well, you don’t even need to leave your home. We bring the storage boxes to you, take them to our state of the art storage facility and hand deliver them back to you as soon as you’re ready. Our valet packing and unpacking services have been designed for busy lives and changing schedules. We understand that life is uncertain, which is why our storage options are flexible enough for even the most dynamic lifestyles.


Moving Boxes

As the building blocks of secure storage, we believe in using the highest quality moving boxes to guarantee the protection and preservation of your stored items. We insist on using only the best industry boxes with quality material that is both sturdy and 100% recyclable. By doing so we ensure that your items are given sufficient padding and stability while in our care. The moving boxes we use have a uniformity of size and shape that allows for optimal packing formation, maximising your available storage space. While our boxes fit together perfectly for packing, each individual box is designed to contain and support specific items. There is a box for every occasion. Our wide range of custom box designs include:

  • Standard Carton
  • Book Carton
  • TV Carton
  • Port-a-robe Carton
  • Audio Pack
  • Mini Robe Carton
  • Picture Carton
  • Lampshade Carton
  • Wine Carton
  • Essentials Carton
  • Custom Built Crates

Allied Furniture Storage Locations



Sydney, NSW

Our storage facility in Sydney is ideal for short or long term storage. With excellent climate control to preserve your items and prevent issues like mould or mildew, our storage containers can keep your possessions safe and secure for as long as you need.



Melbourne, VIC

With several storage facilities located in Melbourne, you can be sure that a safe and reliable storage service is never far away. With highly trained removalists and the best quality packing materials you can rest assured that your items are in safe hands.



Brisbane, QLD

We provide high quality service to customers in Brisbane and beyond with multiple storage facilities across Queensland. Whether you’d like to clear some space for a few weeks, or store your possessions long term, our Brisbane storage facility can accommodate your needs.




Perth, WA

With facilities scattered across the state, we provide short or long term flexible storage options for Perth and Western Australian residents. Trained professionals can even come to your house to pack and pick up your items for storage. All you need to worry about is what you will do with all of your extra space!



Adelaide, SA

If you want a storage service that can guarantee the security of your items, then our Adelaide storage facility is the ideal solution for you. With a secure venue that is prohibited to the public and under 24/7 security surveillance you can be sure that your items are in the best hands.



Canberra, ACT

Storage in the nation’s capital is now more convenient and simple than ever. We provide end-to-end storage services in Canberra that take the hassle out of the process for you. Whether you require short term or long term storage, or even our handy valet storage option, we can help store your items and simplify your life.




Hobart, TAS

Storing items in Hobart is easier and more reliable than ever with our cutting edge storage facility. The extreme temperatures in Hobart can pose a challenge for basic storage services. That’s why our storage has been specifically designed to withstand the Tasmanian elements to keep your items safe and secure.



Darwin, NT

Our storage service in Darwin is reliable, safe, flexible and stress-free. If you’re not sure how long you will need our storage service, that’s okay, we can adapt our schedule to your changing needs. When you no longer require storage, all you have to do is give our Darwin team a call and they will deliver your items right to your door.



Located in a regional part of Australia and not sure we can cater to your requirements due to the location of our facilities? We have the capability to transport your belongings from almost anywhere in Australia to one of our specialist storage facilities located throughout every state and territory.


Stress free storage

Speak with Allied about our simple, secure storage solutions.

Our Storage Services Include:

Professional Packing Of Your Belongings

Leave the hassle and effort of packing to the professionals. Our experienced teams have gone through our Removalist Training Academy to learn the best industry standards for packing and handling.

Safe Transport Of Your Belongings

There’s no need to spend your time driving to and from storage facilities. Our storage service includes the careful loading and secure transportation of all your items to the facility to ensure they get there safely, leaving you with more time for the things that matter.

Secure Storage Of Your Belongings

While your items are in storage you can rest assured they are safe thanks to our extensive security measures. This includes prohibiting the public from the storage facility, 24/7 CCTV surveillance and fully sealed storage boxes to protect your belongings.

Returning Your Belongings When Storage Is No Longer Needed

When you’re ready to be reunited with your stored items, we will deliver them right back to your door at your convenience. This service is not only stress-free for you, but through our trucks it is also the safest and most secure mode of transporting your beloved belongings.

Valet Unpacking

Our professional removalists will go the extra mile by happily unpacking your items once they have been returned to you. Skip the heavy lifting and save yourself time by allowing our moving specialists to unpack everything and place it exactly where you need.

Additional Storage Services:


For added protection and peace of mind, we offer transit and storage insurance. Even when all precautions are taken, it can be a comfort to insure yourself against unforeseen events. We provide an array of flexible insurance plans to suit your circumstances. Check out the range of insurance options we have available.

Business Storage

We offer storage services for businesses that can cover any of your commercial needs. Our storage options cater to the whole gamut of businesses, from sole traders to large enterprises. So whether you have some files that need storage, or you need somewhere for your furniture and office equipment while you relocate, we can ensure that your business is taken care of during the process.