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Don’t take risks when storing your possessions in a storage facility for an extended period of time. It’s important to have certainty that your items will be kept safe. To know that they will remain in the condition you left them. To be guaranteed that your stored belongings will be looked after and that the company you entrust them with will still be around when you are ready to collect them.

We take the risk and the uncertainty out of long term storage solutions. With secure facilities covering most major cities and regional areas across Australia you can be sure that there is a reliable long term storage unit available near you. Our affordable, flexible long term storage services are designed to meet the needs of individuals, families and businesses. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can create a long term storage package that can cater for your needs.

Flexible Long Term Storage Options

Furniture Storage Long Term

One of the most common items that customers like to protect in long term storage facilities is furniture. It’s natural to become attached to beloved pieces of furniture that can be a hassle to keep yourself if you are moving homes, travelling overseas or in a period of transition. With our convenient long term furniture storage option you can safeguard your furniture while saving yourself space in your life for the things that you love. No longer do you need to decide between keeping your treasured family heirlooms and the freedom to travel. Our long term storage units are perfectly suited for preserving furniture, with plywood material enabling the perfect amount of airflow to reduce the risk of issues like mould and mildew.

Business Storage

Whether your business is relocating, renovating or undergoing a transition process, our secure commercial storage options can take the stress out and help you to focus on the bottom line. In addition to our plywood storage units enabling the protection of furniture, our business storage packs are stored in airtight climate controlled facilities that ensure your documents and electronics will be perfectly preserved and safe from rust or water damage.

Professional Pre-Storage Packing

Our storage specialists can provide tailored pre-storage packing that can save you time and protect your items. By preparing your items for storage with the safest, most secure packing materials and methods in the industry we can make sure that your precious belongings remain protected from deterioration and damage over the entire course of their long term storage stay. For this service all you need to do is inform our team of the items you wish to store, then they can handle the rest. From maximising the space available in your storage unit, to ensuring their protection and saving you time, our professional pre-storage packing service is perfect for anyone wanting to get the most out of their storage unit.

Long Term Storage Pickup

With our fast and convenient storage courier service we can transport all of your items to storage for you without you ever needing to leave your home. Our transport trucks are specifically designed to safely transport precious items, reducing the risk of damage when you transport delicate items yourself. Whether you’re short on time, have insufficient space to transport your items or you would just prefer to let the professionals handle it, our long term storage pickup service is a convenience too good to pass up.

Valet Unpacking of Storage Unit

Once you’re ready to take your items back, let us do the work of bringing it to you. Our removal specialists can collect your items from their secure storage unit, pack them into the transport truck and safely deliver them to your door. What’s more, they can unpack all of your stored items and put them away in your house exactly the way you want. Storing items doesn’t mean you have to visit a storage facility. With our valet service we can do all the heavy lifting and transit, leaving you to enjoy the time and space you’ve saved by choosing our long term storage solution.

Long Term Storage Insurance

We are the only household moving company in Australia to have its own Financial Services Licence. This gives us the capacity to offer our customers complete security with insurance options that cover your items to their full replacement value. With options to suit your needs, our storage insurance gives you complete peace of mind while we store your valuable belongings. Get in touch with our customer service team to learn more about the long term storage insurance options available.

Climate Controlled Facilities

Whether you’re moving your business and need to protect important documents, or you have valuable possessions that require extra levels of care, we have the capacity and the experience to meet your needs. Our cutting edge storage facilities use plywood units to provide top level preservation of furniture and other important goods. We also have business storage packs that are protected in climate controlled facilities to prevent exposure to external elements. Whatever your circumstances, as Australia’s most trusted and experienced moving and storage company we are ready to tailor a storage experience for you.

High Security Protection for Peace of Mind

Security is one of the most important parts of long term storage. That’s why we only use the most advanced storage facilities with 24/7 CCTV surveillance systems, monitoring by experienced Allied staff and restricted public access. We also keep stringent records and inventories off all of your items that can be cross checked to ensure that they are kept track of and that everything is accounted for when we deliver them back to you.

Want to know more?

Our long term storage options are designed to provide unmatched security and a seamless customer experience. To learn more about any of the services mentioned above, or to speak with one of our excellent customer service representatives about how we might best serve you, get in touch with us today on 13 25 54 or visit our contact page to request a free quote.

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