Moving house is not just about heavy lifting! The art to any successful move is proper planning and preparation in the professional packing of your items. Our philosophy at Allied is to ensure that we have the strongest moving boxes available in the industry to provide maximum protection for your effects.

Our moving boxes are of the highest standard and lead the way in our market to give your items the protection they require when travelling across town or overseas. Our extensive range of moving boxes have been designed with over 300 years of experience behind us to provide your treasured items the protection they require for transportation.  We have boxes of all shapes and sizes!

No matter if we are doing the packing or you would like to pack your own items, it is essential that strong and sturdy moving boxes are utilised for your relocation. We always recommend using our Allied moving boxes to offer ultimate protection and uniformity sizing to help in the loading and transportation. They are also 100% recyclable.

Specialised moving boxes

Standard Carton

Our most versatile moving box, with a dual-ply wall design provides maximum protection during transit. It accommodates for a range of items, from kitchenware and appliances to glass dishes.  The heavier items are packed at the bottom of the carton with the lighter ones on top.

Dimensions: 62cm H x 47cm W x 45cm D

Book Carton

It is used primarily for books and magazines, but other items that need to be packed separately can be packed in the book carton to avoid having boxes that are too heavy to lift when moving.

Dimensions: 44cm H x 40cm W x 32cm D

TV Carton

We have a range of different sizes to accommodate your individual TV. Our TV Boxes have sturdy foam inserts on the top and bottom to allow your TV to be stored upright. The TV is wrapped and padded in the box and for its protection during transit.

Port-a-robe Carton

The port-a-robe is used for local and domestic moves and is like having a portable wardrobe for your move! There is a detachable metal bar which rests across the top section of the carton from which to hang clothes and has been designed to minimise the need for folding and then having to unfold and then iron your clothes at your new destination.

Audio pack

The audio pack is used for stereo systems, video and DVD players and smaller electronic equipment to provide added protection as these are susceptible during transit.

Mini Robe Cartons

Designed to allow your clothes to be packed flat inside the carton which ensures they stay flat during transit to minimising crinkling during transit. These are predominately used when moving overseas.

Picture Carton

A versatile carton to protect your artwork, mirrors and precious family pictures during transit. Because of its shape, this carton has limited usage other than for packing pictures. Sometimes two or three pictures, depending on their size and thickness, can be packed into one carton. Each item is wrapped separately and careful preparation is taken to ensure their safe transit. Dimensions: 75cm H x 104cm W x 7.5cm D

Lampshade carton

This is another lightweight, special purpose carton and suitable for a variety of lampshade sizes and in certain circumstances may also be suitable for other softer items such as hats, dried flowers and other ornaments in your home.

Wine Carton

Transferring wines from one place to another is often difficult as many wines need to be stored on their sides (in a horizontal position). This is possible with our Allied wine cartons. There are a number of bottle sleeves which fit tightly inside the carton. Bottles of wine and liqueur are placed inside their sleeves so they are firmly fixed in a horizontal position. Note: It is important that when sending wine overseas you check with your moving consultant about the duties and taxes that may be applicable.

Essentials Carton:

This is the same size as a book carton, but is the one with the Orange stripes and brightly coloured. The purpose of this carton is to use it for small important items and anything that will be required immediately at delivery such as bed legs, remote controls and the kettle!

Custom Built Crates

High value and delicate pieces of furniture such as antiques and collectables may require extra protection during transit. We have custom-build protective crates to cater for all of your moving requirements which can ensure maximum protection for your fragile and high valued items during transit.