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Having moved many businesses from a variety of industries, we know what it takes to move efficiently within the city or interstate. Our experienced office moving team have the detailed planning skills necessary to manage your relocation from start to finish, allowing you to get on with what you do best. With Allied, moving your business and all your equipment is a seamlessly smooth experience. The way a business makes money is through operations. If these don't occur, there will be at least some down time that will impact your profitability for that month, and it has the potential to become a far more serious problem. When you've got the ability to move swiftly and efficiently, with a team that has the utmost respect for the safe transportation of your belongings, then you should take it. Your new office is likely the beginning of a new chapter. It's a place that you want to be settling into in no time at all, and so you'll want it to be completely ready to go when you arrive.



Business Services

Allied provides a complete range of commercial moving services including; Internal Relocation Service, Galleries & Art Exhibitions, Hospitals, Libraries and more!

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Technology services

Technology now plays a major focus for businesses on the move. Through our industry leading experience we have developed our very own IT Technology team to ensure that computer systems can be up and running.

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Project Management

Planning and project management are the most important aspects of a successful office relocation. Allied creates an operational move plan for every move.

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Specialist Relocations

Allied can arrange any specialist relocations that have unique requirements such as hospitals, libraries, galleries, schools & warehouses.

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Logistics & Storage

The logistics of an office move aren’t as predictable as you might think. There are more steps to the process that you may have allowed for, or perhaps a gap between when something needs to be out of the old office and when it can be placed in the new office.

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Asset Management

Allied approach to asset management has overcome the existing problems found with traditional furniture storage systems by providing companies with the ability to view their furniture assets online.


Furniture Fixtures & Equipment

The Furniture, Fittings and Equipment division provides services for the receipt, storage, asset management and delivery of commercial furnishings.

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Allied Business Relocations is able to provide a full eWaste collection, recycling and re-marketing service that will handle your eWaste ethically and responsibly. From single collections to dedicated, on-site eWaste bins.

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Environmental Management

Allied realises the importance of Environmental protection to your premises and installs recyclable core flute to key areas including high traffic routes.

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The Allied name is synonymous with successful business relocation

From the packing of your old office, to the unpacking at your new premises, moving a business with Allied is a simple process for the staff.

Your business is the priority, so leave the packing to the professionals. This includes things like office plants and couches, or that heavy pool table in the staff room, which you can rest assured will be securely delivered to the new home of your business.

For many people, corporate relocations aren’t started and finished in a day. There will be some things that can be taken away immediately, and others that will need to stay in operation until you can move straight into new premises.

The Allied team understands this, which is why there are secure storage facilities all over the country to accommodate any items that can’t be moved in immediately. To make sure your business stays running as usual, getting the best possible service from your office moving team is going to significantly improve the settling process at your new facility.

Where are you moving office?

Trust us for efficient and on-time office removals

Office moving is a complex task – the business needs to have as minimal disruption as possible, and not all equipment can be moved at the same time. In addition to correct timing, valuable office equipment such as computers and file storage units need to be handled delicately and with an appropriate regard for security. There will be sensitive files and documents about the finances and history of your business that are confidential, and will remain that way. Our professional moving services are not just for desks and chairs and plants, but for documents that require safe and secure transportation.

Our staff are experienced office removalists with access to some of the latest packing materials, including air padding technologies, to ensure delicate equipment and furniture reaches your new office location in the same condition it left the old place. This includes having been treated sensitively, especially with important company documents. When this is the case, you can have peace of mind that your data and personal paperwork won’t be seen by any eyes that shouldn’t be viewing it.

This may be the first office move for you and your business, but at Allied, we have done hundreds of them, and we’ve seen it all. As experienced professionals, our teams will be on hand and ready to help with anything that needs doing, from packing a particularly delicate piece of art, to disconnecting and re-connecting computers computers and anything else that belongs to your business. This will be handled with care, and be treated appropriately, so that your office possessions arrive just as you left them.

Office relocation done right

The logistics of an office move aren’t as predictable as you might think; for example, there are more steps to the process than you may have allowed for, or perhaps a gap between when something needs to be out of the old office and when it can be placed in the new office. In that case, our spacious and secure storage facilities come in handy. Whatever might come up, we’ve got a solution ready to ensure it doesn’t disrupt your move.

When choosing a professional office removalist for your relocation project, keep our key advantages in mind:

  • Pre-relocation consultation, including help with what should be packed first and last,
  • Professional relocation planning assistance so you know what you need to be doing in terms of staffing and electronic equipment,
  • Specialist business relocations staff and moving equipment,
  • Latest packing material technologies to ensure your belongings are transported in the safest way possible, including delicate books,
  • High security storage facilities in all major capital city and regional locations, and
  • Years of tested, proven and awarded customer service excellence.

Whether you are moving office in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane or Perth, Allied business relocations incorporates the expertise and resources to make it a smooth transition. With offices all over the country and hundreds of people working in teams to make sure your corporate relocation goes as well as possible, there’s virtually nothing for you to worry about.

Years of office moving all come together to form a sound base of knowledge for what needs to be where and when, so if you don’t know, your Move Consultant will. And that’s the case for any issues you may have. Simply pick up the phone and give them a ring – they’ll help to put your mind at ease about what’s expected at the next stage of the process, as well as updates on moving times and storage options.

Contact Allied now on 13 25 54 to assist you with your next office, factory, library, warehouse or factory relocation. We’re here to help.