Moving from Melbourne to Sydney

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For seven consecutive years, Melbourne has been voted The Economist’s “most liveable city in the world” and obviously has a great deal to offer singles, couples and families. It is a city which is full to the brim with interesting people, places and artworks. Melbourne’s café culture is unparalleled anywhere in the world and it is renowned for its world class sporting events.. So why would you want to move from Melbourne?

Sometimes work, family and health can play important factors in why people have to move homes. One of the other factors is lifestyle. One aspect of Melbourne that many folks find a deal breaker is the weather! It often leaves something to be desired, with a popular phrase being that Melbournians can expect to experience “4 seasons in one day”.

Too often our friends from across the seas come to Melbourne, expecting blue skies and warm air all year round only to be taken by surprise by the moody Melbourne weather. For those who want to keep that Melbourne lifestyle, but add warm weather, sunny skies and beautiful beach views, Sydney is the perfect destination. Sydney is the city that perfectly encompasses what it is to be an Australian city. Its unique architecture and leafy suburbs mean that this beachside metropolis is beautiful all year round.

Sydney Bondi Beach - Moving from Melbourne to Sydney

Why move to Sydney?

The Sydney skyline is internationally recognisable with the white sails of the Sydney opera house stretching out over the harbour, there is no denying that it is a beautiful sight.

Whether you are moving as a lifestyle change, for work or to be closer to family, Sydney has plenty to offer you no matter what you are interested in. Take a stroll through the Chinese gardens, go watch the Australian Ballet perform at the Sydney opera house, or sun yourself on the famed Bondi beach, you will never be lost for things to do in Sydney.

Sydney is a beautiful city, with music art and culture co-existing with beaches, the outdoors and sports. Spending nights sipping cocktails and eating seafood on Darling Harbour, catching a ferry to work instead of sitting on busy roads in your car, or taking part in the annual City 2 Surf fun run can all become part of your life when you make the move to Sydney.

Forget those gloomy Melbourne days where the weather is about as reliable as a winning the lottery, when you move to Sydney you can expect sunny weather almost all year round, with world renowned beaches and parks at your fingertips so you can spend your free time enjoying the outdoors and not having to carry an umbrella every day of the year – just in case!

Choosing your new home

Sydney is an incredibly diverse city with a different suburb to suit the needs of every individual. If you are looking for a suburb with trendy cafes, shopping and bars, then Newtown may be the place for you. If you are looking for more of that relaxed, beach lifestyle then be sure to check out Sydney beach suburbs of Bondi, Manly or Maroubra. Make sure that you have a clear idea of what you are looking for before you start looking for your new home. Understanding exactly what you want from your new residence will help to ensure that you get the lifestyle that is most suited to you.

When moving to Sydney it is important to remember that housing prices can be higher than those of Melbourne, and as a result you may need to downsize. This may mean that you will have to get rid of furniture or household items that will no longer fit inside your home. Alternatively, if you cannot bear to part with any of your items or wish to keep them in case you will need them in the future then you should consider Allied storage solutions. Allied have a number of storage facilities across Melbourne and Sydney, making it easy for you to store your belongings wherever you are located. Our purpose built storage facilities ensure that your belongings are provided with the highest level of protection, with no public access, CCTV surveillance and regular security checks.

Allied storage units are perfect for storing furniture for long periods of time as they are made with Plywood. This allows for proper airflow through meaning that your furniture is at reduced risk of harm that comes from being locked away in airtight steel containers. Our highly trained and professional staff will pack your belongings with the highest quality materials to ensure that they are protected from abrasion of any kind.

Moving your home from Melbourne to Sydney

Furniture is not designed to be transported interstate, and so when you are moving it long distances such as from Melbourne to Sydney it is important that it is treated with the utmost care. This is why you should enlist the help of a professional interstate removalist. Allied have over 300 years of experience moving furniture, so when you move with Allied you can be assured that your belongings will arrive at your destination safely and soundly. At Allied we care about the safety of your belongings which is why we offer the added precaution of transit insurance. Transporting furniture long distances means that there is higher potential for unforeseen circumstances to come into play and things to go wrong. This is why we recommend with any long distance move that you eliminate the external risks and consider a comprehensive transit insurance policy.

Should you consider moving across NSW, we also have a dedicated team of removalists across NSW including our removalists in Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, and Wagga Wagga.

Arriving in Sydney

When you move with Allied you have the opportunity to choose from a variety of different services. One of the many services that we offer is Valet Packing and Unpacking. Should you choose Valet unpacking, you do not need to lift a finger as our highly trained removalists will do all the unpacking for you, taking the stress out of your move and making your transition all that much easier.

Once you have successfully arrived in Sydney it is time to make the most of all that this picturesque city has to offer, explore new places, meet new people and discover what makes Sydney one of the greatest cities in the world.