Guide to moving from Sydney to Melbourne

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According to Domain, Melbourne is Australia’s fastest growing capital city! Interstate and international migration continues to increase with Melbourne an ideal destination for those looking for a lifestyle change and job opportunities. With fantastic culture, great coffee and a thriving nightlife, it’s not surprising that Sydneysiders are deciding to head down south and relocate to Melbourne. 

Allied has helped thousands of Aussies relocate from Sydney to Melbourne, easily and efficiently! Drawing upon our wealth of experience, we’ve created this handy and helpful guide to everything you need to know about making the move from Sydney to Melbourne. Read on to learn more about life in Melbourne and the cost of moving.

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Life in Melbourne

Sure, it looks fantastic on social media, but what is life really like in Melbourne? We break down what to expect after you relocate from Sydney.


Don’t like the weather? Simply wait five minutes! This is the common joke about Melbourne’s forever changing weather. The climate is different to Sydney, after moving you’ll find that you will require your warmer jumpers and jackets more often as temperatures in Melbourne during the winter can drop to 13 degrees during the day and 6 degrees at night. You may also need to get into the habit of bringing an umbrella with you as Melbourne experiences an average of 139 days of rain a year.  

Work & Career

Melbourne has many thriving industries with an abundance of job opportunities and career growth . These include digital technologies, education, healthcare and medical technologies, tourism and events, and the creative industries. The hospitality sector is also highly popular, with careers in coffee and bartending taken seriously in Melbourne. You can find opportunities in Melbourne by looking on job websites such as Jora, Seek, and Indeed, or by reaching out to recruiters. 


Melbourne has a public transportation system made up of tram, train and bus services. All of Melbourne’s public transport system, known as PTV, uses ‘Myki’ cards which are reusable cards that you top-up with money. The trams are a particularly popular way to get around, with the comprehensive network covering large sections of the city. There is also the ‘free tram zone’ which offers free transport within the CBD. The train system is currently undergoing significant development and expansion, with a new city loop network in construction. The bus system tends to cater to areas not serviced by trams or trains and can be less reliable with sticking to timetables. 

As Melbourne is flatter than Sydney, bike riding is much more popular. With many bike lanes and dedicated bike paths, cycling around Melbourne is a convenient option to get around. Car ownership is also popular, although traffic is beginning to match Sydney'sSydney levels of congestion. After living in Melbourne for six months, you will need to transfer your vehicle licence and registration to Victoria. 

The Culture & Lifestyle

With no lockout laws and a thriving local dining and drinking, dance, theatre, music and arts scene, it’s tough to not go out every night and enjoy yourself in Melbourne. You’ll find that there’s always something new to discover, whether it's a new hidden bar or an immersive art show. Coffee culture takes on a new meaning in Melbourne, they are serious about their flat whites and alternative milks here. Learn more about the coffee trends here

Forget about rugby league and rugby union, it’s all about Aussie Rules Football (or AFL) in Melbourne! With a cult-like following, you can join in the fun by adopting a team, attending a game or two, or even giving it a go yourself by joining a local club. 


One of the advantages ofabout moving to Melbourne is the cheaper housing market. According to Budget Direct, the cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre will likely cost around $1,610 a month in Melbourne (compared to $2,577 in Sydney). The cost of purchasing property is also more affordable in Melbourne. The average sale price of a detached house in Melbourne is around $713,000, compared to Sydney’s average of $1.02 million. Some of the most desirable suburbs within Melbourne include Fitzroy, Carlton, Northcote, Footscray and Elwood. 

Planning your move

So, you’ve decided that life in Melbourne sounds right for you. Now, it’s time to begin planning your move! Relocating to Melbourne from Sydney is no small undertaking, Here’s what you need to plan to ensure that your move is a success! 

Packing belongings and furniture 

Every move requires the packing of your belongings and furniture. Although it is a pretty tedious and boring task, you don’t want to leave this to the last minute otherwise you could risk your valuable items being damaged, broken or even lost in the move! We recommend using a professional packing service so your precious items are properly packed using the right materials and boxes by the experts. If you’d rather pack your things yourself, you can use specialised moving boxes from your moving company. 

Moving a car or vehicle

If you are wanting to move your car interstate, you’ll need to decide whether you will drive it yourself or use a car transportation service. If you don’t have the time or desire to drive your car the 9 hours from Sydney to Melbourne, using a professional service is the easiest way to relocate your car. Relocation experts will ensure that your vehicle (including cars, trailers, caravans, and motorbikes) is taken care of so you can focus on the rest of your move. 

Relocating with pets

We understand that pets are important and need to be looked after carefully when moving interstate. Moving is a stressful experience, especially for your furry or feathered friend. Using a pet relocation service can make the experience a whole lot easier and more organised, enabling you to focus on the rest of the move. Before you leave, ensure that your pet is microchipped and their identification information is up to date with your new address. You’ll also want to get your pet comfortable with the carrier they will be travelling in before the journey. For more tips on relocating with a dog, check out our dedicated blog article


It’s tough taking all of your items with you interstate. That’s why using storage is an ideal solution. You will reduce the amount of belongings you need to transport with you, without sacrificing any sentimental or valuable items. If you need some more flexibility in your move, use short term storage. You’ll be able to securely store your belongings until you are settled in your new home. Allied can even deliver your stored items directly to your new home when you need them, regardless of where you are relocated! Long term storage will ensure that your items are safe and kept in prime condition in purpose built storage facilities for extended periods of time, giving you the ultimate peace of mind!

Removalists vs DIY

We know that moving interstate can be incredibly expensive and time consuming, with multiple logistics to keep track of. As soon as you make the decision to move to Melbourne from Sydney, you’ll then need to decide whether you will choose to enlist the help of experts by using a moving company or decide to tackle the interstate move yourself. 

The question of whether it’s cheaper to move by yourself or use removalists is hotly debated. However, after factoring in all the costs involved in moving yourself, such as petrol, packing materials, the time taken to pack and move yourself (including taking time off work), renting a truck or van, and any other incidental expenses - it can end up being much more worthwhile to use professional movers. Choosing to use removalists also enables you to save on time as their experience, high level of training and professional equipment will mean your move is significantly more efficient!

Removalists also have the benefit of offering multiple services which can provide a more competitive deal compared to using numerous service providers. Getting the highest quality work for the lowest price will always be amongst an important factor to consider. Working with the cheapest removalists available also comes with risks as inexperienced movers have a higher likelihood of losing or damaging your belongings. If the quality of work is shoddy, the cheapest option may actually end up costing you more.

Book your move to Melbourne from Sydney 

Ready to make your move to Melbourne? You can book your move and have every aspect of your relocation catered for by Allied! We will ensure that your international move is a breeze! You will have a dedicated moving consultant with you every step of the way, from your old place in Sydney to your new home in Melbourne. We also assist with moves from other regions in NSW with dedicated furniture removalists in Newcastle, Coffs Harbour furniture removalists, and Wagga Wagga furniture removalists. You can find out more information about our interstate relocations.