Why you need Movers with Storage options In Singapore

The issue of land scarcity is a serious and ongoing problem in Singapore and has impacted the economy and society as a whole. Whereas it has been accepted that a standard 4-room flat in the Territory should cover 85sqm, in reality that figure has been trimmed to a tiny 62sqm for resale purposes. Therefore, for anyone relocating in Singapore, space comes at a premium. While this applies for anyone moving within the country, it can be especially important for expats and their families due to arrive in the Lion City for the first time.

It is very rare for anyone moving to or within Singapore to be moving into a large, rambling household. It is much more likely for newcomers to take whatever apartment they can get then look for another abode once they’re settled and have spent time getting to know the Lion City. In these situations, possessions can therefore become problematic, especially as selling is not an appealing option, unless you have the budget set aside for a completely clean slate. For these reasons, options for movers and storage in Singapore can be vital.

Storage increases your flexibility 

It’s been acknowledged that moving home is one of the most stressful times within a person’s life. In a cramped and busy city like Singapore, this anxiety can be amplified, as people feel pressured to make the right decision while avoiding fees for overrunning their leases. Unfortunately, when choosing a new property, the current contents may simply not fit into the new premises. This presents the dilemma of considering whether to stay put or continue looking for a bigger property, which may be out of your price range.

The added option of being able to store non-essential belongings allows customers to grab the property before anyone else does, without it having to be a perfect match to your possessions. Then you can agree on a price and schedule your move in plenty of time

You’ll find reliable movers and storage providers in Singapore, like Allied, provide quality climate-controlled storage facilities, with 24-hour CCTV security, as well as patrols and easy access to your goods.

The benefits of secure and flexible storage arrangements

Modern storage facilities come in a variety of styles, with the most useful in Singapore being based on modular configurations. As space is a constant pressure, modular storage uses only the space that is absolutely necessary, helping to keep fees low, especially when the customer is able to specify an exact timeframe for storing their goods.

The team at Allied Storage in Singapore will carry out an inventory of all goods to be stored and guarantee their condition for the duration of the stay. Contact the team on +65 6862 4700.