Why Moving To California Is A Great Idea


While there are so many different international destinations to choose from when considering moving overseas, few offer as much as the state of California in the USA. Like all other places, your quality of life does depend on which particular area of the state you decide to call home, but as a whole it’s most definitely full of some really amazing things to see and do. Here are a few of Allied's top reasons why this sunny state is a fabulous choice to call home.

The Warm Weather

It’s a bit of a stereotype that California is warm and sunny throughout the year. The great thing is that this stereotype is actually based on truth! Especially in the more southern areas, even during the winter months you’ll be able to head to the beach or go for a walk and be unaffected by any cold weather. Let Allied pack all of your possessions (summer clothes, surfboards, etc.) and take all the hassle out of the moving process!

An Expansive Coastline

Whether you’re into beach life or not, you’ll appreciate the 840 long miles of coastline that runs along the state’s western edge, offering some truly breathtaking scenery and landscapes for you to enjoy. Be sure to take the unforgettable 147-mile road trip that will take you from the north to the south of California (or vice versa).

Food, Glorious Food

You’re most definitely spoiled for choice when it comes to cuisines. Due to such a multicultural mix of people throughout the state, you’re able to enjoy dishes from different cultures every single day of the week. Considering the Allied group moves over 1,000 singles, couples and families every single day of the year to more than 600 destinations globally, we’re sure to have helped a number of those restaurants’ owners and staff with their moves as well.


Get out to Los Angeles and go star-spotting on the streets of Hollywood. While there, you’ll most likely run into some very weird and wonderful sights, sounds and individuals.

They say life is the greatest adventure, and if you decide your next chapter will be in California, let the experts at Allied take care of your international move from door to door.

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