Why Expats Want to Live in Singapore

Singapore ranks as one of the best places in the world to live. For decades, expats have been falling in love with the vibrant destination, along with the opportunities for work, social connection and shopping. Once word got out about the quality of life in the Lion City, many foreigners have been eager to try living in Singapore for themselves. Home to many cultures, Singapore offers a dynamic city environment, yet English is widely spoken so the transition for expats is often less frustrating.


If you’re keen to move to Singapore and wondering why this Asian country is so magnetic to foreigners, the team at Allied provides a few good reasons to make the move.


High Level of Personal Safety

Perhaps one of the most appealing elements about living in Singapore is how safe it is. After a night out with friends, imagine walking the streets at 3am knowing that the chances of being in danger are minimal. That is what daily life is like for the millions of expats who have chosen Singapore as their home base. This is, of course, due to the strict laws enforced in the island city-state. Seemingly small transgressions often carry hefty fines, so remember that the law is not to be taken lightly once you move to Singapore.


Improved Cleanliness

One of the first things that visitors to Singapore notice is how clean the city is. This is no small feat and, again, is due to the close watch of the city’s authorities. Littering or even forgetting to flush a public toilet will get you in trouble. This does not mean you need to tiptoe around the city. Simply be mindful of others, respectful of the local customs and laws and you will be fine.


Exceptional Cuisine

For a foodie, Singapore knocks it out of the park. One of the advantages of living in Singapore is how important food is for its citizens. The mix of cultures has created delicious combinations, which you should take every advantage to savour. Hawker centres are the heart of Singapore and locals and expats alike love to taste the local dishes. These eateries are quite affordable and a great alternative to cooking at home.


Balmy Climate

The topic of local weather can divide expat opinions because it depends entirely on preferences. Expats from countries where the seasons are clearly defined may struggle with all-year-round tropical weather. Other expats, for example, love getting the most out of their summer wardrobe. Singapore is humid but the city is well equipped to deal with the warmer conditions.


Established Public Transport System

Authorities in Singapore discourage the use of cars by imposing high taxes on them. Most citizens use public transport, which is very efficient and makes the commute to work much easier. The infrastructure is well-established, so travelling from Singapore to other Asian countries is straightforward as the city-state is very well connected.


As you can see, living in Singapore comes with many advantages. Although this is a busy city, life is not as fast-paced as many other large metropolises. If you are planning to move to this exotic and colourful country, international movers Allied will be there to help you prepare for the transition. Call us on +65 6690 2484 to discuss your plans.