What Expenses Should You Expect When Moving House?


There are several costs involved when it comes to moving house in Singapore. There are different expenses depending on whether you are buying a new home or renting a property. If you wish to buy in Singapore, keep in mind that local Housing and Development Board (HDB) apartments having strict rules on who can purchase them.

Buying in Singapore

Stamp duty must be paid on all homes and land bought in Singapore and is set at a percentage of the cost of the property. While stamp duty prices change over time, it fluctuates between 1% and 4% of the property price, depending on its value. This is an important tax, which must be paid after the purchase process is completed.

You may also want to employ the use of a property surveyor or a conveyancer to make sure the home you are looking to buy is fit for habitation. If you are selling your old home, you must remember your estate agent fees will need to be paid on completion of the purchase. When buying in Singapore, you may be able to receive housing subsidies when buying resale flats.

Renting in Singapore

If you are renting a property in Singapore, your initial costs will be lower but your monthly outgoings will likely be similar to someone paying a mortgage. You will need to be able to pay for the deposit, as well as cover any extra costs that a real estate agent or private landlord will require. Always ask for a breakdown of all costs involved in the rental process before signing a new lease.

Movers and Packers

Here at Allied, we offer a range of services for people moving house in Singapore. While we specialise in both international and local removals, we are qualified to help clients save time and reduce stress by making the whole move more seamless. Our experienced movers are trained to take care of so many of the responsibilities of your move, so you can start to feel excited about the adventure that awaits in your new home. If you hire our home packing services, we will pack up all of your belongings, take them to your new residence and unpack them wherever you want them placed.

The quotes for our moving and packing services are wholly dependent on the home you are moving from and the one you are moving to. Our team of expert Singapore movers will send someone to visit your property to survey and itemise your belongings.

Please be wary of any company that does not check your premises because they are likely to underestimate the amount of furniture and property you have. This may result with them not being able to complete the job due to the wrong-sized truck or the time will be extended, so it costs more. It could also leave them charging you more than you need to pay if they have overestimated the equipment and manpower required.

By hiring Allied, you are trusting an international brand with years of experience. We can help relocate you whether you are moving house across Singapore or to a new country. Contact us for more information via our website or by calling us on +65 6862 4700.