Top Expat Organizations in Singapore 2018


The concept of moving internationally can be overwhelming for many people. Despite the excitement of new adventures and opportunities in their adopted home, a big international move involves a huge amount of planning and organisation both in a person’s home country and their new chosen destination. Thankfully, many hundreds of satisfied people have relocated successfully with the expert help of Allied international moving company.

As a moving company with more than 600 locations worldwide, the team at Allied is proud to have put in the time and effort to have earned a reputation as a “mover of choice” within the global expat community.

Successfully moving thousands of expats a year, who are relocating from Singapore for employment or moving back home from Singapore, Allied consultants have tailored many services to meet the needs of Singapore expats and their families. In fact, many Allied Singapore employees are expats themselves, so they share their personal experiences and the many challenges they have faced with the expat community to better serve the Allied customer.

Mel Syers, Regional Marketing Manager - Consumer, ASME for SIRVA/Allied, is an Australian expat living in Singapore for the past 16 years.

Recently interviewed by ANZA (Australian and New Zealand Association), Mel talks about being an expat in Singapore by saying, “A relocation anywhere in the world is considered among the top stressors in a person’s or family’s life – up there with a bereavement or a divorce. Although Singapore is a modern metropolis, some will face cultural trials and yearn for home – particularly if this is your first overseas posting. My advice? Get involved with groups and organisations like ANZA to build yourself a network, and make sure you use a reputable and accredited moving company to ensure that your precious household goods are treated with the utmost care.”

This is something the team at Allied hears repeatedly from other expats. Most agree that getting involved within the expat community and embracing the expat lifestyle has helped make settling into their new residence so much easier.

With this in mind, the staff at Allied has created a 2018 list of Top Expat Organisations in Singapore to help expats create their new family away from home.

Top Singapore Expat Organisations & Websites 2018

Australian & New Zealand Association (ANZA)

ANZA offers Australian and New Zealand expats support by way of an informative website, career support, social events and even where to go with your pets. The website publishes informative blog articles on varied topics to assist the traveller in their home away from home.

American Association of Singapore

Are you an American expat living in Singapore? Then you will love joining in the fun at the American Association of Singapore. Workshops, social events, support and helpful online publications will help you quickly settle in to your new home and become part of the American expat community.


Expat Choice was launched in 2016, and boasts a wealth of information for Singapore expats. The ultimate lifestyle guide – offering reviews on dining, shopping, where to live and things to do and see for yourself and your children, plus more – Expat Choice allows users to connect with fellow expats and find reviews and information and about many products and services in Singapore in an easily digestible format.

Smart Expat (Formerly Anglo Info)

Your “Go to” site for information on all things Singapore as well as other global expat destinations. There is a classifieds section where you can buy and sell, job posts and a discussion forum.  They even have a “How to” guide to help you ease your way into the expatriate lifestyle in Singapore.

British Association of Singapore

A membership organisation for British expats living in Singapore, the website offers an invitation for expats to feel less of a stranger and ask any question that concerns you about living in your adopted country. The site includes information on tours, social activities, handicrafts, sports, concerts, exhibitions, theatre, cooking classes, etc. Learn new skills, meet new friends – and have fun while you’re doing it.

The British Club

A stalwart in the Singaporean expat culture, you are not an expat in Singapore if you haven’t visited The British Club, which is open to expats of all nationalities. A beautiful venue in Tanglin offering dining, sports facilities, children's facilities, organised activities and more, make The British Club part of your expat journey.

French Association of Singapore - FIAFE

The site provides a wealth of support for French expats living in Singapore. Join social events, tours and meet other French speakers in this exciting city.

Prime Time Business and Professional Women’s Association of Singapore

An excellent resource for professional expat women living in Singapore, the website for the organisation offers a variety of activities, including seminars with guest speakers, discussion groups social gatherings. Operating for more than 2 decades, PrimeTime hosts professional networking opportunities and provides community outreach opportunities. With about 350 members from more than 30 countries, the group is proud of the diversity of its members, in their cultural backgrounds, professional experience, personal interests and ages.

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