The Importance Of Having Insurance

When you’re looking to relocate an employee internationally and are taking care of the moving process to keep it as stress-free for them as possible, one of the most important points to think about is ensuring their possessions are well-protected. Making a global move is much more of an intricate procedure than a local one, and no matter how delicate your items are handled, mistakes can occur during transit. As such, insurance is non-negotiable, and is something that we at Allied can happily provide and will do so at very competitive pricing.

One of the contributing factors to damaged or lost belongings is the journey from one location to another. As an example, you can imagine what rough seas can do to items that are inside shipping containers – and getting caught in a hurricane or general rough sea might not simply cause damage, but result in entire shipping containers being lost at sea. While the Allied team will carefully pack everything using state-of-the-art three-layer construction to protect all of your possessions as well as possible, we unfortunately can’t predict accidents. Safeguard your employees from unavoidable accidents and choose one of the moving insurance plans we have available.

Now More Than Ever, Insurance Is Imperative

Don’t get us wrong; we’re not giving you this information to make you second-guess whether it’s a good idea to relocate your employees overseas. It’s to help you understand just how important an insurance policy is to take on board in the overall process.

Allied helps more than 50,000 singles, couples and families make the move internationally every single year, to more than 600 locations. And it’s our exceptional service combined with the huge amount of experience we possess, plus our record of success that we’re such a household name in global relocation. So if you’re interested in the industry leaders taking care of everything for you and your employees, putting the safety of their belongings in the best hands in the business, Allied is here to deliver outstanding results – you’re sure to be nothing but impressed.

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