The Day Of Moving Is Right Around The Corner: What To Remember

You’ve been counting down the days, becoming both more excited and more stressed at the same time. A move should be exciting, but more often than not, with all of the things that are happening around you, it’s easy to become lost in the stress. We’ve been assisting people to move internationally for a long, long time now, and over the years have noticed that people who write a list of things they need to remember have a much lower susceptibility to stressing out. To give you a holistic service from the moment you call us to when we’re waving goodbye and you’re in your new home, we’ve decided to provide you with a to-do checklist for the days leading up to, and the moving day itself.

A Couple Of Days Prior To Moving

  1. Perform Any Final Checks

    The last thing you want when the movers arrive is to realise you haven’t got everything ready. Does any furniture need to be taken apart so it can fit through the doorway? Are all the boxes properly taped up and easy to access?

  2. Re-confirm The Booking

    To put your mind totally at ease, give the movers a call and double-check the time, date and your addresses/contact information with them.

  3. Defrost Your Freezer

    You don’t want water leaking during transportation, so open the door of your freezer, let it defrost, and give it a good clean-out. The defrosting should be done at least a full 24 hours before you move.

  4. Pack Some Essentials For The First Night

This includes things like toiletries, a fresh change of clothes, and pajamas. Doing this means you don’t have to look through a bunch of boxes to settle down for your very first night.

On The Day

  1. Take A Few Deep Breaths

    If you feel as though you’re getting a bit tense at any stage, take a step back and take just a few deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Focus on relaxing every muscle in your body, even only for a moment. This will help with the stress throughout the process.

  2. Switch Off Everything

    This may seem obvious, but can be easily forgotten in the confusion of activities. You’ve no doubt transferred your utilities already and everything should switch off as a result, anyway. However, it’s always a safer idea to do it yourself, too.

  3. Give Everything A Final Once-Over

Lock everything up, make sure no boxes or other possessions of yours has been missed, and give it a clean before closing the front door for the final time. 

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