Organising Tips and Packing Strategies for a Move to Singapore



Looking at a room full of furniture and sentimental items, some of which have taken you years to accumulate, then considering packing it all into boxes may seem like an insurmountable task. If you tackle one thing at a time and plan your exit strategy well, by researching all your removalist options, you’re well on your way to a stress-free relocation to Singapore. Packing may well be one of the hardest tasks in any move but the move to another country simply adds another level of anxiety.

Prior to your move to Singapore, you’ll need to sharpen your organising skills in order to keep track of everything and help you remain calm during any unplanned events.

Reality Check

It is easy to kid yourself into believing you will be able to sell most of your belongings, pack a couple of suitcases and get on a plane. Phew – that was easy! However, it is also unrealistic to think you will need to transport everything you own to your new home in Singapore. There is a fine balance to moving successfully, leaving what you really don’t need, cleansing your old home and making way for a fresh new start in your brand new residence. The key is planning!

Inventory is Your Best Friend

Whether you’re a PC person or you prefer a handheld device, making a detailed digital inventory of all your items makes great sense. This way, you can quickly access your computer or smartphone to check on belongings that appear to be ‘missing’ when the removalists arrive. Movers need an inventory list to ensure that nothing goes missing and it will help you unpack more efficiently. Keep your inventory up-to-date as you go along to save yourself many headaches.

Make a List

Keep a list or lists! Lists help you determine when and where things are taking place, such as when the packing equipment is arriving or where you are storing your valuables during the move. Organise your lists into different categories depending on the task to be undertaken. For example, you can have a list for to-dos in Singapore and another for any appointments that need to be made at home, such as meeting with doctors to get your medications in order before you leave. Moving to Singapore is a big deal so you need to plan ahead and ensure everything is ticked off your lists. Take a look at our helpful Moving Checklist here.

Let the Packing Begin

You will need to start by organising your belongings into three categories: ship, store or sell. The first category will include things you use constantly or need every day. Avoid including electronic appliances as the voltage might be different in Singapore, which may damage your items. Things to store include those you would like to keep but cannot take with you at the moment. Sell items you would not miss or that are rarely used.

Ideally, each box should contain similar items. It is better if your boxes are about the same size. Put heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones on top. Pack one room at a time and try to fill boxes with items from a single room. Do not forget to label each box and make a note of those that need to be unpacked first. Do not pack flammable or explosive materials, plants or perishable food. If you have any questions about what you can or cannot take into Singapore, check the Singapore Customs webpage on controlled and prohibited goods.

A well-planned move makes your arrival so much less stressful – so you can focus on the joyful aspect of your next chapter in Singapore


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