Moving to Singapore With Your Family

moving to singapore with family

If you want to take on a seemingly impossible challenge, then try moving an entire household through Singapore’s throbbing infrastructure. With almost 6 million people crammed into about 720sqkm, there are plenty of reasons to feel a little tense when transporting goods around the island, especially during peak hour. So, when you’re moving to Singapore from another country, especially one that is less-densely populated, you may be a little overwhelmed by the whole moving experience.

Families from around the globe, especially other Asia-Pacific nations, are drawn to Singapore’s extraordinarily safe, clean and fast-paced culture. There are plenty of opportunities for career advancement and quality education in Singapore for children. The country is so popular with foreigners that more than one third of the population was born elsewhere. 

While there are excellent reasons to take the plunge and relocate internationally, moving to Singapore still presents a number of challenges, especially for families. Planning ahead is essential before making a final decision.

Choosing the right neighbourhood

As Singapore is a small country, demand for housing is high. This is especially true for newcomers, who are in some ways at a disadvantage. It is important to research which Singapore neighbourhoods are convenient and well located, while still being suitable for children. Popular choices for expats include Holland Village and Tanjong Pagar, which have strong international communities and plenty of recreational areas and parklands for kids and pets to run around.

Of course, neighbourhoods such as these are very popular for foreigners with families, so the cost of accommodation will be higher. It is possible to find areas that are cheaper, so if you already have contacts in the country or you’re moving for work, ask your colleagues as soon as you know you’re moving to Singapore. 

Finding a good school

Of course, for families moving to Singapore, education is a top priority. There are many international schools in the country, which are very popular with Western cultures. English is widely spoken in Singapore, yet certain subjects are harder to teach in this language. Local languages include Malay and Tamil, but there is an excellent opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese, which is an asset in itself – especially if your children have career plans to go into commerce, international trade and hospitality.

There are opportunities for parents to do their fair share of research and send their kids to non-international schools in Singapore. Education standards are still very high, and Singaporean children tend to be high achievers. Having a taste of the local culture is a great way to avoid the expat bubble if you’re looking for a more multicultural experience for yourself and your kids. 

Hiring a good removalist

After you’ve found your new home, you’ll find moving internationally is so much easier if you hire an established removalist. There are many cultural and technical differences to take into account when moving to Singapore, not to mention cargo and transport requirements. Seeing to all these tasks can add time and expense to your international relocation to Singapore. Hiring a multilingual company like Allied helps with communication between agencies, which is usually the cause of any hold-ups should they arise. 

Our experienced moving teams can help you every step of the way – even if you want to move with pets – so please call Allied to discuss your moving needs.