Moving Out Is Hard to Do – How to Say Goodbye To Your Home


Moving out of home to start your life in a new place is exciting, but for many people is also one of the most stressful undertakings of their lives, with high financial and emotional stakes and a million tiny things to consider, any of which could go wrong. But there is also a deep-seated emotional component to this stress and anxiety; it’s impossible not to feel some attachment to a place you’ve lived in for any significant time, and many people do not have a strategy on how to handle the sense of loss that comes with leaving this place, and its treasured memories, behind. Here are some bits of advice on how to ease the process for yourself and your family:

Take A Snapshot In Time
One way to make things easier is to remind yourself that while you won’t be returning to this physical home again, you aren’t really giving up the time and energy you spent there. Get your household together and tour up and down the place before you move the furniture out and it starts to feel like a foreign place. Photograph every feature or angle which seems significant to someone, and once you print out your favourites you can make a moving scrapbook or photo album. Even better, have the family members who feel strongly about each photo caption them so that, in years to come, you can look back on exactly what made this place home.

Throw A Party For It
It might be a bit grim to think of it as a “wake” for your residence, but one celebrated way to see off a home is to party in it. According to your sensibilities this could mean a big to-do with neighbours and family members, or just a quiet night in with a few close friends and some wine. Whatever you do, drink a toast to the times you’ve spent together with the house and finalise this chapter of life in your mind.

Leave Something Behind
Once you’ve documented your best memories in your old home and given it a proper send-off with friends, you should be almost ready to move on and embrace your exciting new life elsewhere. As a final parting shot, you can leave something special in your old home as you go – either a thoughtful gift to pass on to the new owners, or a hidden memory to perhaps be uncovered years from now by curious hands. Burying a time capsule in the yard or leaving a secret letter at the back of a cupboard gives you a way to think back positively about leaving the house – imagining excited kids discovering your treasure and thinking of you is a pleasant daydream to have from the comfort of your new home.

Hire A Professional Mover To Handle The Heavy Stuff
One of the most effective ways to ensure your family will cope well with a move is to provide some distance from the tiring, grubby practicalities of the process. A specialist moving company such as Allied will make sure everything gets moved safely and easily to your new home so you can be free to focus on the journey. Make sure you look them up before planning your relocation.

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