Making a House Vs Making a Home



Home is where the heart is, whereas a house can simply be an investment property. Some may say that a house is where you reside, while a home is where you live. Everyone has a different definition of what it means to have a home. Ultimately, it is about having a private space where you can completely be yourself, where you feel safe and whole, where you can relax and where you can add your little touch of magic to make beautiful memories.

A home is slowly built using a collection over time of personal items that are comforting to see and hold, your keepsakes and your family. When you’re moving house, especially if you’re headed overseas for a long-haul working opportunity, you may not decide to create a home straightaway. You may want to stake out the area in order to find the best neighbourhood, before you hire a removals company and get stuck into unloading your life into your new dwelling. When travelling and relocating before you move into your new address, it’s advisable to ensure your belongings are properly packed and marked. After a long time away from boxes, you may forget which is what. When you arrive at your new location, try to start unpacking as soon as possible so you can get started on transforming your space into a home.

Creating a Personal Retreat

Decorating your new house is only the first step towards making it your own. Most people consider their home a place where they can be comfortable and free of the outside world. After the removals company has finished its job in your new Singapore home, it’s time for you to start building an emotional connection with your updated location. Try not to pack too many social trips or sightseeing visits into your new address at the expense of downtime. You can always take your time to get to know your neighbourhood, but connecting with your home starts when you feel comfortable unwinding, cooking or reading after a day at the office. You can try simple downtime techniques, such as spending the weekend in your pyjamas and unpacking the last of the boxes or watching a movie while bargaining over the best spot on the couch.  

Express Yourself

Your new address doesn’t have to be the ideal property you always envisioned as your dream home. All it has to do is reflect who you are at this point in your life. While you may be drawn to the sleek lines of minimalism, it’s helpful to have a few snapshots of friends and family as well as favourite art pieces that inspire you throughout your day. You can proudly display objects that tell your life story or remind you of important moments and of course they don’t have to be expensive to be valuable.

Live In It

A house is no different from a hotel if you only use it to sleep and get ready for work. A home is a place where you can let your guard down and indulge in activities that make you happy. Spend time at home doing what you love. You can create a Bonsai garden, reading nook or an area where you look forward to enjoying your morning coffee or a glass of wine in the evening. Soon after moving house in Singapore, you want to be able to look forward to being home after a long day at work – not just rushing out the door again for dinner.

Create the Perfect Ambiance

Creating a welcoming atmosphere isn’t difficult. Cook, bake, clean and interact with your new space and new or old belongings as much as you can. Listen to your favourite music and reward yourself with visual stimulation. Photographs, paintings or fresh flowers usually hit the mark. If you are more tactile, play with textures and materials, such as throw rugs, cushions and floorings.

Be Proud to Entertain

It doesn’t matter if you have a small living room or a huge backyard, share it with the people in your life. Don’t worry about the décor or the spaces you haven’t had a chance to clean, as everyone has those as well. A home is where you can create memories with colleagues, family and friends. The material elements are the backdrop, what matters most is how you spend your time in your new home. 



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