Is a Relocation Company the Same as a Moving Company?

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Whether you’re moving or relocating, it’s pretty much the same thing. However, there are slight differences in each of these terms when you compare them. Both relocating and moving come up whenever you are planning to leave your current home and while these two words have similar meanings, they differ slightly. When the word “moving” is used, it means you are leaving your current address to live in another house. This could mean moving down the road or to a new city or state. The word “relocation” implies that there is more distance and you are expecting to go further, such as to a different country. So, it can be said that a moving company and a relocation company offer the same services.

What to Expect

Each move will have its own elements, yet the goal of your removalist will always be the same: to help you with the next stage in your life. If you are relocating to or from Singapore, there will be additional requirements. Your relocation company will be there to carry the boxes and load the moving truck, but they can do a lot more than that. A move can be extremely stressful and if you are relocating overseas, you can duplicate the amount of preparation on your checklist. However, you do not have to go through the process alone. Allied has a team of specialists ready to offer help across different fields: from moving and packing to searching for a new home. By utilising the professional relocation services your moving company offers you will gain more return on your investment in your choice of mover.

Local and International Moves

When choosing a relocation company, you need to find out if they can handle the project. If you are moving from a high-rise building, you will need to ask if they have the necessary equipment to transport your belongings. An international relocation will require a larger operation and therefore more resources. When you are ready to ask for quotes, make a list of the possible obstacles (for example, no elevator at a high-rise building) and the services you will require.


One of the reasons moving is so stressful is due to lack of time. Between work and family life, there is not always time to start planning a move, let alone pack. A relocation company can help you handle the major tasks so you can focus on your daily routine without too much downtime. Your moving plan will include all the services that are relevant to you, which can be packing, home searching or even immigration advice. If you are moving abroad, Allied can also recommend pet relocation specialists to take your furry family members wherever you go. Anyone who needs storage solutions will be glad to know we offer great Singapore storage options at affordable rates.

Allied has been part of thousands of successful moves all over the world. We understand that this can be an emotional time and you will want to keep the pressure to a minimum. If you need help planning your move, call us and we will be more than happy to help.