International Moving 101

Moving overseas is an exciting adventure that will not only bring you closer to other cultures it will help you to discover something new about yourself. If you have made the decision to move to Singapore or move from Singapore, you may be feeling overwhelmed about everything you need to organise before you relocate. Not to worry, here are some items to consider to help you get started.


Before you can begin to book a team of international removalists, you need to ensure that all your documentation is in order. Start your visa application process as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary delays. If you are relocating to Singapore or elsewhere with your family, make sure you understand all the requirements to sponsor them. It might be a good idea to renew your passports if they are valid for less than a year. Visit your doctor for a copy of your medical records and especially if you take prescriptions to get up-to-date with your medication.

Spring Clean

It doesn’t have to be spring for you to have a clear out at home. Have a good look inside your wardrobes, cupboards, drawers and any other storage areas. You will be surprised by the amount of belongings you have accumulated over time. Divide everything into three piles: things to keep, things to store and things to give away.


If you’re travelling with children, take the time to do some research about the schools in the area where you will be living. Make sure you obtain your children’s school records so they will be allocated the correct grades. If you can’t move after the end of the school year, and especially if you will be speaking another language in your destination, consider enrolling them in an international school. They will follow the same curriculum as they do at home, so the transition can be smoother.


Many countries have very strict rules when it comes to bringing animals into the country. Read the requirements very carefully and talk to your vet to ensure all your animal’s paperwork is in order. Your pet might need to be held under quarantine so make any arrangements to prepare for that scenario.

Your Essentials

Make a list of all the essential items you will need when you first arrive. These could include anything from your favourite sweets to medicines. Customs requirements in most countries are very strict so ensure that nothing in your bag is on the restricted items list. If you require medication, ask your doctor to give you a prescription along with a letter stating that the medicine is for your own personal use. Once at your destination, register with a local doctor as soon as possible to ensure you can refill your prescription on time.

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