How to Prepare for a Relocation to Singapore

Singapore’s booming economy is just one of the reasons why many people are drawn to this exotic city state. It’s status as a global financial centre, along with its key position within the Asia-Pacific region make it an attractive location for investment and the establishment of international business hubs.

While moving internationally is exciting it comes with its own amount of stress and anxiousness. There are things you can do to create a relatively seamless move overseas, without the risk of stress overload.

Home, Sweet Home

One of your main tasks will be to find a new home. If your company is relocating you to Singapore, ask them to put you in touch with people who can help you. If you don’t know anyone locally, look for advice online. There are forums and blogs in which people have shared their experiences about moving to Singapore. Ask about the best neighbourhoods and start planning a budget. A great way to choose the area is to search for online articles on related topics.

Watch out for Hidden Costs

A detailed budget will allow you to keep track of your expenses. Your initial estimate should consider the cost of removals to Singapore and settling down. Remember to include extra expenses, such as a security deposit for accommodation and utilities, real estate agency fees or the price of internet installation in your home.

Make the Announcement

Once you’ve found a place to live, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Start by notifying your service providers of your relocation to Singapore. Don’t forget to talk to your bank as well. You might want to close or transfer your accounts so you can manage them more easily. Send change of address cards to your friends and family a few weeks in advance. To help you on your way, you may want to say “goodbyes” to close friends as you won’t see them again for a while. So schedule some time to meet with the important people in your life to say farewell.

Your Comfort Essentials

You might want to take some items, such as snacks or food, to help you settle in during the first few weeks. This might seem irrelevant but it can be very comforting when you’re still adjusting to your new environment after a big move overseas. If you require prescription medication or use medical devices, you will need to inform Singaporean authorities in plenty of time before you arrive. They will want to ensure that whatever you’re bringing into their country is strictly for personal use.  

Always Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You might be the one moving internationally, but that doesn’t mean that family and friends won’t be willing to help you carry the burden or even to help you pack up your home. They can help you go through your belongings and declutter your residence to leave on a fresh note – especially if you’re planning on renting your house while you’re away. Sometimes it’s beneficial to ask an objective friend to help you discard unnecessary items. It’s not unreasonable to think you can pack your own farewell party into your busy schedule without asking for some assistance.   

Be Realistic

A lot of the stress that comes with moving abroad is due to lack of planning or unrealistic expectations. Remember that when you arrive in your new home in Singapore, you may be emotionally and physically drained. If you already have a job lined up, talk to your employer and give yourself enough time to recover before starting work.


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