How Much Does Moving Cost in Singapore?


Our Guide On Moving Costs in Singapore

When planning a home move, it helps to have a clear understanding of the costs that will be involved throughout the moving process. There are many different costs involved in a home move such as the cost of signing lease and bond agreements or the bill of purchase and accompanying documentation for sale of a property.
Then there is the physical moving cost to think of, so it helps to have a clear budget in mind before you start planning your move. Yet, when it’s all over and you’re settled in your new home, if you’ve planned well, the cost of your move will soon be forgotten. 

The final cost of moving house will depend solely on your circumstances. There are many variables that can affect the price a Singapore removals company may charge. Luckily, Allied Singapore will arrange to give you a free moving quote to help you plan your budget when moving. Contact us as early as possible so we can discuss your moving estimate. 

Your Building Type Affects Cost

If you live in an HDB (Housing & Development Board) flat or condo, removals companies have strict times during which they can move your belongings within a HDB building. Poorly packed dwellings filled to the brim with items may take longer to move, in fact, due to the restrictions surrounding removalists on-site, it may take more than one day. 
During this time, we may also need to line walls and elevators with protective materials as well as any floor surfaces, depending on your building regulations. Moving from a residential house, in which there are no time restrictions on moving, is likely to take less time especially because the removals company won’t need to wait for a lift.

Packing Your Belongings

If you opt to pack your own property, you may save money. However, if you do choose to pack your own belongings we cannot insure every item in these boxes. If they are packed haphazard, with increased pressure on delicate items from other items occupying the same box, plates not wrapped properly or boxes not sealed correctly, there is a chance of breakages. 

To save time and effort, our professional packers can come the day before your move and pack all your belongings for you. Everything will be secured safely and, more importantly, everything we pack will be insured against loss or damage. This of course will add to the moving cost but there are plenty of heart-breaking stories of loss or breakage of precious items following a move in a moving truck.

Research Your Removals Company

You can find some great low-cost removals companies across Singapore, but you get what you pay for and budget price often means budget service. There is a good chance they do not offer the same guarantees as professional Singapore moving companies such as Allied. 

They may take shortcuts along the way or have hidden costs. The expert team at Allied packs, moves and protects your possessions, doing our best to ensure nothing is damaged throughout the move. By using inferior methods, tools, protection and insurance, these companies can offer low prices, and while it may seem like a great deal on paper, can often lead to much higher costs in the end if something does go wrong.

Ask Us!

If you want to know how our prices stack up to our competitors, we are happy to provide a free quote. Visit our website or call +65 6862 4700 to find out the estimated moving cost of all your itemised belongings and the locations of your move.