How Furniture Movers Work?

The business of moving furniture has developed considerably over the past decade or so, as technology has taken furniture removals into the next century. In Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia especially, the traditional image of a rickshaw, cart or even motorbike carrying possessions down the street is something of a romantic memory. With land becoming more scarce, relentless traffic and modern glass towers commanding the landscape, today’s removalists have had to move with the times.

The furniture movers that Singapore’s modern residents rely on provide services that are especially valued in a territory dominated by Housing and Development Board (HDB) buildings. About 80% of Singaporeans rent their homes, most of these provided by the HDB public housing, which adds to the demands placed on residents living in these leasehold properties. A good Singapore removals company will take into account these factors when providing a moving quote to transport your furniture between properties. 

Consultation and packing

Ideally, a move consultant will liaise with you to establish their exact needs well in advance of any move date. As well as carrying out a free consultation, the removalist will offer a full service, where goods are packed by the company, using expert methods and materials. 

In the past, families may have assumed that packing their own possessions would help with the moving process, both in terms of speed and cost. Professional furniture movers in Singapore have a way of further protecting your belongings by packing them professionally. This allows movers to only use quality packing materials, pack items in a way that greatly minimises the risk of damage and also affords insurance cover. 

They will also know how to distribute weight correctly throughout their trucks, making the transportation process safer and damage to possessions much less likely.

Detailed help for renters

Expert furniture movers that Singapore renters favour will also carry out maintenance and cleaning tasks, to help customers moving from one rented property to another. As landlords enforce strict rules regarding the condition of property when granting new leases, this part of the moving process can cause people extra stress and financial pressure. A good furniture remover will fill holes left by nails or screws for pictures or other fittings, so that customers can rely on getting their rental deposit returned without having to pay for repairs. 

In the new property, experienced professionals such as Allied Singapore can put you in contact with professional cleaners to ensure you’re moving into an immaculate space, with no residue from the previous dwellers. 

If you’re in need of a professional furniture mover in Singapore, contact the best local movers at Allied to ensure your property arrives safely and in good condition.