How Do I Know How Many Boxes I Will Need For Moving House?


One of the most common questions, and one of the trickiest to answer, is how many boxes you will need for your move in Singapore. Each household is unique and there are plenty of variables to consider. As a rule of thumb, the longer you have lived in a place, the more likely you are to have accumulated more possessions.

Take this ideal time to declutter as much as you can. The Japanese have a method, according to author Marie Kondo, is that if you hold a possession and it brings you joy then keep it, if it doesn’t spark joy then let it go. If you’re struggling with letting it go, this usually indicates a holding onto the past or fear of the future.

Understanding you and your family’s habits will allow you to determine whether you’re a family of hoarders that likes to hold onto objects or if you prefer to declutter your home regularly. If you’ve left the items to pile up over time, then figuring out how many packing boxes you’ll need may be more difficult.

Here is our guide to help calculate the number of boxes for your move in Singapore.

Ask Your Singapore Removals Company

The most accurate way to calculate the number of boxes is by asking those who do it for a living. An expert will assess the items within your home and determine the type and number of boxes required for the job. At Allied, we create pre-move plans for our customers and assist them with all their packaging needs.

Box Sizes and Types

If packing on your own, you will need to purchase boxes of various sizes and characteristics. Pack heavy items in small boxes so they’re easier to carry. These are perfect for books, CDs, DVDs or pots and pans. Medium-sized boxes are great for most things. Use large boxes for linen, doonas and duvets, pillows and any other bulky yet light items. Obtain dish barrel boxes for your china and mirror boxes for mirrors and artwork. Wardrobe boxes make it much easier to pack and unpack your clothes without tangling hangers. Allied not only provides all necessary packaging equipment for your move, but we also professionally pack all your household goods to international shipping standards, which is a necessity when you take out marine insurance for your shipment.

Work Out The Numbers

If you wish to start packing, you can get a good idea of how many boxes you need according to the size of your home, the number of people living in it and your relationship to material possessions. It is very common for people to underestimate the number of boxes needed and buy too few. A small house can still have more things than a larger one if the residents are collectors or have a lot of hobbies. Are you the kind of person who likes to cosset souvenirs of every place you’ve visited or do you favour a minimalistic approach?

Survey all the areas of the house, open all the cupboards and wardrobes so you have a better idea of how much stuff you actually have. In general terms, two people living in a one-bedroom apartment usually require 4 large boxes, 20 medium cartons, 10 small ones, 1 wardrobe box, 1 dish barrel box and 1 mirror box. A family of four in a three-bedroom house would need about 8 large boxes, 35 medium cartons, 10 small ones, 2 dish barrel boxes, 2 mirror boxes and 3 wardrobe cartons.

Top Tip: If you love reading, add more small boxes. If you love cooking, add more medium boxes. If you love fashion, order more wardrobe cartons.



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