Choosing the Right Moving Company for You



Relocating to another city is tough enough, let alone moving to a completely different country. Besides the physical burden of having to pack up your belongings and move overseas, there is also an emotional side to leaving behind your familiar address, friends and family. You are closing one chapter in your life and starting a new one. To avoid any further stress in your already hectic moving schedule, you need to contact an expert Singapore moving company that can help reduce any anxiety – not further add to it. A qualified team of removalists is fully equipped to deal with this mammoth task so it is in your best interest to recruit the services of a professional moving company. While there are many operators ready to deal with your house move, how do you choose the right one?

Ask for Recommendations

Talking to relatives or colleagues who have recently relocated is the best way to compile a list of moving companies. Contact the Singapore moving company and ask for a quote. Try to avoid going for the lowest price as this usually means the service will also be under par. Even if you’re moving from one Singapore neighbourhood to another, you don’t want to unpack and realise your box of pots and pans is missing or the fridge door handle hasn’t been reattached. A cheaper operator is more likely to get the job done quickly then take off to the next one, whereas a quality Singapore moving company will take time to ensure customer satisfaction. You’ll know you’ve found a reputable moving company when they discuss your needs and offer to meet with you first to arrange the appropriate service. 

Meet Face to Face

The convenience of online searches is hard to match. You can have access to all the information you require in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, unscrupulous types know this as well. Scammers can easily pretend to be a moving company, give you a very low quote and ask for a deposit. Don’t pay a deposit if you haven’t verified the company as they may simply disappear with your money. 

Home Visits

The moving company should send an estimator before providing you with a quote. It is extremely important that you show them every article you wish to move. This is a great time to alert the removalist to any potentially problematic characteristics of your home, which might complicate things on moving day. For example, if you live in a high-rise building in Singapore, movers will want to know if they can access the elevator or underground parking. This will allow them to give you an accurate quote. This is also your chance to find out more about the company. Remember to ask them whether they are insured for loss or damages and how long they have been in business. 

Reputable Experience

Hiring a well-established moving company in Singapore means you can take advantage of their years of experience. This is more important during international relocations as you’ll want assurance that your removalists will treat your belongings with care, while also being available for all your enquiries before, during and after your relocation. If you’re moving overseas, ensure the moving company you choose has experience dealing with customs clearance and other bureaucratic matters. 


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